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‘We’ – A Poem By The Northern Monkey. BRILLIANT!!!

UK Column News – 30th September 2020. MUST WATCH!!!

BREAKING: Watch Within the Next 48 Hours – People Need to Know. David Icke.

As the confusion mounts, David joins the dots and makes sense of the current situation.

Share far and wide.

Note there are some typos in the script – very easy to spot and excusable.

The One Question No Parent Can Resist – What is Best For My Child? David Icke.

A concerned parent asks the most fundamental questions and then looks for some answers.


SARS-CoV-2: The Stitched Together, Frankenstein Virus. Makia Freeman. David Icke.

More and more evidence is coming to light of how this whole operation is one massive fraud.

As Dr. Kaufman explains the virus is just bits cobbled together and includes genetic material which is why the positive cases are so high.

But a case does not historically mean someone who is ill.

Neither does asymptomatic mean you are going to spread anything. But the psychological gambit is to put out that you don’t know you arn’t killing granny (no, the government does that very well) so you must rely on something outside yourself, a test, a screening, a vaccine etc.

Not yourself and how you are feeling.

More disempowerment.

At least more doctors are speaking out, even if they are arrested and stopped from speaking as at the protest at the weekend and even at Hyde Park.

Once you realize it is a psychological psyop you can see the ugly fingerprints.

Always, who benefits?

From Peaceful Protest to Police Brutality. David Icke.

The really shocking footage when a peaceful protest turned into a nightmare.

A few questions for your MP.

What was the objective of this brutal foray into a very peaceful crowd?

Who ordered it and why?

When will the person in charge be investigated by parliament and hopefully dismissed?

How much did this pointless and brutal outing cost the taxpayer?

Who gave the go ahead for this money to be spent?

There seems to be evidence the police had been psyched up. Please fully investigate so this is never repeated again.

A full investigation needs to be undertaken by parliament and oversight needed so those guilty of these infringements of civil liberties are roundly punished.

This is inexcusable.

The police were shamed by the peaceful protestors and left with their tales between their legs.

I hope they now realize they only police with the consent of the public and we do not consent to fascism.

Cressida Dicks needs to resign.


Sadiq Khan as well.

What an utter disgrace.

High Treason in UK Suffocates Democratic Governance. Julian Rose. David Icke.

Julian traces the takeover of democracy over the last 30 years.

It is a sorry and sordid tale of how common purpose, banks, globalists and the military have been turned against the people of the UK under a ‘government of occupation’.

But as Julian has said, resistance is rising and not all MP’s are dead-in-the-water quite yet.

A few may well begin the turning of the tide, just as the people are rising up in noncompliance.

And it takes courage so kudos to all who are pushing back.

Sandy Adams Speech – Save Our Rights. MUST WATCH!!!

Love Can Build a Bridge – Westlife

David Icke Live in Cardigan 1995 – Powerful and prophetic.