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Sacked for speaking out about Climate Change and telling the truth about the Great Barrier Reef – Professor Peter Ridd.

Alan Watts – The One Thing You Musn’t Know.

Palestinian conflict: Diaries of childhood in Israeli military detention. David Icke.

This short film is from the BBC.

Hence the term ‘conflict’ which is misleading.

Also the film does not stipulate the detention as Israeli in the title.

But we need to keep focusing on the way Palestinian children are treated in military detention.

Often after being seized during a nightmarish midnight raid and separated from their parents and then denied any contact.

Would Israelis allow their children to be treated like this??

Children are children and should not be used as political pawns.

Systematic Palestinian Isolation: What is Missing From the Omar, Tlaib Story. Mint Press News.

The headline news will fade but we must not allow the isolation and suffering of the Palestinians to fade into the background.

This article outlines all the illegal and unjust ways in which Palestinian society has been isolated and humiliated.

Time for change.

Systematic Palestinian Isolation: What Is Missing from the Omar, Tlaib Story

The Key to a Sustainable Economy is 5,000 Years Old. Ellen Brown.

Debt jubilee is an idea that is gathering more and more interest.

Ellen outlines the history from the very beginning of agrarian society when periodically the slate was wiped clean.

Much healthier than bailing out the banks.

The Key to a Sustainable Economy Is 5,000 Years Old

Mercury-free dentists — Pioneers and catalysts for 21st century healthcare. Dr. Mercola.

It is mercury-free dentistry awareness week in the US.

This is certainly needed in the UK.

‘Silver fillings’ is a totally misleading term.

There is no safe dose for mercury and vapour is released every time you eat or brush your teeth which can cross the blood brain barrier and cause neurological problems.

If you have mercury fillings then get them removed by a specialist who takes adequate precautions to protect you while they are removed.

The NHS in the UK needs to ban them especially for children.

Palace Paedophiles – So When Are The Police Going To Call? David Icke. MUST WATCH!

Brexit the battle of true versus fake democracy. David Icke.

A clear article which reminds us of the real issues at stake in the Brexit debate.

As the waters get more and more muddied.

Syrian Army Liberates Entire Hama Governorate and Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun. David Icke.

Strange how this liberation from the terrorists isn’t being celebrated in the western press.

Fantastic how the Syrian army is painstakingly rooting out the terrorists and their western supplied weapons and rebuilding the infrastructure after clearing the mines and the unexploded bombs.


UK Column News – 30th August 2019. Must Watch.