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Labour has a Jewish Problem; it is Dominated by Zionist Oligarchs. Gilad Atzmon.

Excellent analysis by Gilad.

He will say it as he sees it and is not afraid or intimidated like so many.


Bill Nye, UN Climate Scientist Warn Moviegoers to Shun Film’s 1 day Theatre Release, ‘Not in our National Interest’. Patriot Rising.

Watch the trailer, Climate Hustle.


Bill Nye, UN Climate Scientist Warn Moviegoers to Shun Film’s 1-Day Theater Release: ‘Not in Our National Interest’

Yanis Varoufakis: Bailouts of Greece were Pretense Payments made to German and French Banks. Democracy Now YouTube.

Why is No One Talking About the number of Native American Indians being killed by the Police? RT YouTube

In Gaza Blockade, Humanitarian Organizations can no Longer be Neutral. American Friends Service Committee.

Putting bandaids on a festering military occupation and blockade is no longer working.

The situation is political and cannot be solved except by the international community being forced to act and end the blockade.

Dr Mercola: An Inside Look into the Fish Industry Reveals Disturbing Facts that Could Affect Your Health. Plus Fillet Oh Fish video YouTube.

Monsanto rears its ugly head again.  This time as a pesticide is used in feeding farmed fish as an antioxidant to stop the highly toxic fat going rancid.

A tale of fraud, corruption and consumers unwittingly paying the price.

Brave people who have lost their jobs and careers exposing the dangers while people believe they are making a healthy choice.


Empowering Women to Empower Men in Kenyan Coffee Producing Communities. Guardian

Very encouraging.

Changing the world one coffee bush and biogas stove at a time.