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UK Column News – 31st August 2020 MUST WATCH!!!

Have the People Finally Awoken?

Common Sense GB Begins!

Top Story Patriots Storm RTE HQ Dublin Ireland.

THE JAB: Featuring GlaxoSmithKline

Fluoridation On Trial: RFK Jr.’s Conversation with Attorney Michael Connett. David Icke.

The background and current state of this very important trial.

Although the regulators have been extremely dilatory it looks as if the current evidence of harm to children and particularly foetuses and neonatals is so damning it will finally be withdrawn from water supplies.

Not before time.

RFK Jr. Talks With Ron Paul: ‘Do not trust the medical or National Security Establishment’. 21st Century Wire.

Another cracking interview with RFK.

Covers the involvement of the CIA in JFK’s and RFK’s deaths and how he came to be involved in vaccine injury claims.

Such a very inspiring man and speaker.

Highly recommended.

RFK Jr. Talks with Ron Paul: ‘Do Not Trust the Medical or National Security Establishment’

RFK Jr. Speaking at Berlin Anti-Lockdown Protest. 21st Century Wire.

Brilliant speech!!

Now, as he mentions the unmentionable EMF connection how long will this be up??

Share as much as possible before it disappears down the memory hole.

RFK Jr. Speaking at Berlin Anti-Lockdown Protest

David Icke’s Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally Trafalgar Square London Aug 29. MUST WATCH and SHARE!!!!

Well, youtube didn’t spend long in deleting David’s fantastic speech.


Here it is on Bitchute so please share far and wide.

As David says, we are at a fork in the road.

Are we going to allow fascism to be rolled out across the world or are we going to say ‘NO’ and not comply.

It’s as simple as that.

Do we take back our freedom for ourselves, our children and grandchildren or do we let the freedoms we have grown up with and so many fought for just be deleted?

While we watch and stand idly by?

It’s up to us to make the choice.

As David roared: “FREEDOM!  FREEDOM!!  FREEDOM!!”.

Time to rise like lions!

Dershowitz’s Latest Target for Antisemitism Smears: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims. Mondoweiss.

A hard look at Dershowitz’s accusations and they fall apart.

He has twisted what Maria Farmer says and taken it all out of context.

Dershowitz is fighting for his own survival here.

The investigation he calls for is coming and he will be one of those much more closely investigated.

The tide is turning.

Kudos to these victims as they will not give up.

Dershowitz’s latest target for antisemitism smears: Jeffrey Epstein’s victims