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Alert Covid-19: RNA-Type Vaccines Which Modify the Human Genome. Crackdown on Free Speech. Global Research.

Stunningly important video with wholistic physician Dr. Christiane Northrupp.

Christiane outlines the serious concerns with the new RNA vaccines which will alter your DNA for good plus the possibility of creating sterility.

Nanoparticles are a huge unknown that will collect all your health data and upload it to the cloud as well as allowing communication the other way.

This is on top of the aborted foetal cells and animal cells laced with heavy metals.

All for a seasonal flu that 99% of people recover from easily.

Sadly the programming and propaganda has been nonstop and the gatekeepers have been hard at work.

Despairing America: The Astonishing Psychological Cost of Lockdown. Natural Blaze.

Just appalling.

The truly saddest thing is the price being paid by young people and children who are not at risk from this ‘virus’ even if it does exist.

Suicide rates are spiraling out of control, in one county in Texas they have risen by 200%.

Unemployment increases suicide rates and that has skyrocketed with over 100 million now out of work.

This increases stress, poverty, loss of income and homes and leads to break-up of marriages.

No doubt bout it, America is being attacked from within and needs to fight back peacefully.

Put the anger into changing and challenging these lockdowns and mandates.

It may be a crisis but it can be the opportunity to turn so much around.

A good time to become resolute about this!

Let’s go!

Saturday January 2nd, 2021 The Awakening World Truth Summit with David Icke.

The trailer is David predicting all of this in the 1990’s.

Don’t miss it!!!

2020 Election Investigatory Documentary: Who is Stealing America? Epoch Times.

Most Americans will tell you there is no evidence for election fraud.

Watch this and make up your own mind and then educate your American friends!

Dr. Peter Gariaev 01 Feb 1942 – 17 Nov 2020 – The Wave Genome. MUST WATCH!!!

RIP Dr. Peter.

He brought a message of quantum biological and wholistic Divine Consciousness.

Medicine would be in a very different place if this paradigm of light and healing were employed.

Sadly, the world badly needs this message now as he passed away just as he was nominated for a Nobel prize and global recognition.

But the message can still be embraced by those who are open to healing miracles.

2 Restaurant Owners From California & Michigan Reveal the REAL Impact of Shutdowns. Kudos to Both!!!

David Icke | What’s Really Happening Globally.

Are these typos or on purpose???

A Nasty Shot in the Arm – RT-PCR Kits and Vaccines Unlicensed by Britain’s MHRA. John Goss. Global Research.

Shocking though this is it is the truth.

Kudos to John who has been emailing the MHRA which does not seem fit for purpose.

W all need to be asking the MHRA these fundamental questions regarding testing and safety but they had a hissy and don’t have time to answer all his questions.

So thousands need now to take up the gauntlet and ask about conflicts of interest and safety.

Just the little matter that these vaccines have been rushed through with minimum of testing, of which we have no idea of the full recipe of ingredients but a whistleblower reports there is HCG an anti-human chorionic gonadotropin which causes infertility in both men and women.

Now I would be surprised if that were true!!! (Not!)

2020: The Year the Tree of Liberty Was Torched. John Whitehead. Global Research.

John wraps the decade in terms of loss of freedoms and the spread of the police state.

The challenge is to turn this around in 2021.

How do we start this mammoth task?

By coming together and supporting each other and getting involved in your local community.

The power has always been with the citizenry but we have allowed the elected representatives to shirk their duty to the people and the public good so now is the time to hold them to account.

Get involved!!

We will turn this around if we put down the fault lines that divide us and act with compassion and love.

Solutions: The Thick Red Line. The Corbett Report. What is possible…