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The Entire ‘War on Terror’ is a Lie – and these charts Prove it. The Canary.

Well, who would have thought it – war increases war and terror increases terror.

By 6,500%

Can’t be right?

Not exactly ‘moral’ then, cameron?

Israel Using Dutch Dogs to Terrorize Palestinians? Electronic Intifada.


The good news is that a human rights lawyer is looking into suing Israel but also the Dutch for providing the dogs.

It needs to stop.

Decoding the Paris Attacks: ISIS Blowback or French-Israeli False Flag? Intifada Palestine.

Looking at all the anomalies that have come to light since 13/11.

Also many parallels with 9/11 and Bush’s, “They hate us for our freedoms”.


A Hybrid War to Break the Balkans? Oriental Review.

An up-to-date review of the positioning and jostling in the Balkans now Russia is out of the picture for the time being and China able to come in with the Balkans Silk Road.

A lot at stake and the US is determined to create havoc to stop it.

Elliott Johnson : Young Tory Destroyed by Party he loved. The Guardian.

Please read very slowly and carefully.

Duty of care??

This government???

Time someone rely exposed what is really going on.

I am very sorry for the parents and it looks as if Ray, the rathe will not rest until the whole story is exposed.

Good for him.

I hope he is attaching his back.

Nasty party?

Richie Allen Show: Kim Hutchinson.How Each of us has an Inner Healing Energy. Youtube.

Bringing our energy back into balance so dis-ease does not develop.


WHISTLEBLOWERS! : ‘The Greater Israel Project’ Explained by Ken O’Keefe. RT YouTube.

Why sanity needs to prevail.

How the people are waking up to their power.

The US needs to disarm and people entering into a new contract with their government could be the way to put an end to war.


HSBC Whistleblower: The biggest bank fraud in British History carried out on UK Shoppers and Covered up.Realmedia

This is far bigger than it looks at first sight.

It goes right to the top and implicates a lot of people.

As Nicholas indicates, you need a lot of guts and persistence to take on the banks and the establishment.

Good that some people are so determined to do so.

Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution. IPC YouTube

The distillation of 30 years practice of working with nature displayed at the recent IPC event in Brazil.

Very, very heartening.

Highly recommended.


Celebrating Genocide – The Real Story of Thanksgiving. Waking Times.

Well, I think it’s important to know the real history and not just the myths.

No, we might not be responsible but we do have a responsibility to educate ourselves and make sure we do not buy into the myths.

Not too hard to make a comparison with what the US is doing around the world and still never telling the truth.