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Richie Allen Show on Gilad Atzmon on Antsemitism Charities Targeting David Icke and Jewish Identity. YouTube.

Gilad is worth listening to very carefully.

He is first class and very clear on the ‘chosenness’ of Jews linked with Jewish politics being the problem and obviously not in being a Jew in itself.

He is absolutely right that “We are all Palestinians now”.

I think he is a little more optimistic about the new president and Israel than many of us are.

Richie Allen on Shayler on his new book, ‘Law’ and how civil disobedience and loving one another will defeat the system. YouTube.

Beyond Our Sight-documentary. YouTube.

The Global Awakening And How You are Part of the Solution. Waking Times.

We are all part of the solution….

POISON FRUIT. Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using A Pesticide Linked to Autism and ADHD. The Intercept.

An excellent article.

This is chlorpyrifos that has been used as a pesticide since DDT was banned.


The cost to human families and lost childhoods and lives is unimaginable.

Yet the industry still lies and prevaricates…

Imperial Ways: What Smedley Butler Found in Haiti. Greg Guma.

We The People: A Call To Action. Dr Lissa Rankin.

Sadly, the myth that the statue of liberty is about helping and accepting the people is a myth.

It was donated by the freemasons of Paris.  Since when were they about freedom??

The real story is found in David Icke’s books and others who have done the research.

The statue is seminaris, or isis…..

Do the research…..

Governor of Washington Slams Trumps “Illegal and Unjustifiable Chaos”. YouTube.

3 Minutes with Monnica – #1 Aligning with love. YouTube.

Simple but profound.

Badly needed today.

Please share widely and incorporate into your daily routine.

What a difference that would make to our troubled world.

Demonetization and You. James Corbett. YouTube.

Must watch.

Scratch the surface and who do you find?

Yea, Bill Gates and USAID…..

Coming to a country near you.