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US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters.

The lack of evidence lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal.

So happy to be serfs. Peter Hitchens. Standpoint.

Kudos, Peter for being the lone voice in the wilderness.

The working class had no time to rebel and argue, working 2 or 3 zero hours contract jobs coping with children and poor housing.

But those with the education, ability to think and argue but not being able to see beyond the good weather and their gardens,enjoying a furlough is a real tragedy.

As the tax rises roll out, plus the sell off of the NHS we will no longer be able to afford now overwhelmed by the wave of suicides and the drug and alcohol addictions rocket we will only have ourselves to blame.


Share This: James Corbett Dissects the New Normal.

Brazil Government Aide Says Covid-19’s Toll on Elderly Will Reduce Pension Deficit as Country’s Outbreak Escalates. Newsweek.

And other countries don’t believe the same?

Of course they do.

The handling of the nursing homes in Britain has been criminal and we need to make sure those responsible are held accountable and that it never happens again.

Plan to Reduce UK Population by 75%. MUST WATCH!!!! Please share!

The Question of Narratives When Governments Push Political Narratives. OffGuardian.

Excellent video showing how the censorship of independent thinking and questioning has been slowly squeezed and suffocated.

The police come and escort him off but surely they are there to uphold the law.

Which and what laws has he broken?

So why is he escorted away and prevented from asking pertinent questions?

And of course, this is exactly what the government does – censor and shut down any alternative narrative.

Everything should be on the table and nothing barred unless it breaks the law.

But the government cannot allow the debate because they cannot win.

So they don’t have it.

The Question Of Evidence When Governments Push Political Narratives

Race War: a poem about racism. EXCELLENT!!

Rose/Icke IV is Happening June 14th on London Real. BE THERE!!

Food: What’s In It? Who Knows! FDA Drops Labels as “Fake Food” Rolls Out.