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French Labour Law, Brexit, and Greek Austerity: Class War Against European Workers. The Real News. Youtube.

A very good episode with Prof Richard Harris explaining quite clearly what is happening in the countries around Europe as they reject austerity.


Ex-CIA Spy Foresees Open Source Economic and Social Revolution. Waking Times.

Hang on to your seat belt!

We’re in for the ride of our lives.

Ex-CIA Spy Foresees Open Source Economic and Social Revolution

History and Events Timeline. Neil Keenan.

The Global Accounts.


Don’t Let Monsanto and Organic Elite Kill GMO Labeling. Food Democracy Now.

Please act before it’s too late.

Thank you.

See You in Court! Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

This is just the first step in stopping these arms sales to Saudi Arabia that have caused so much death and destruction.

Congratulations to everyone but this is only the beginning in a long struggle.

Please support and share.


10 Things You Should Know About What it Really Means to be Homeless. Alternet.

This is an excellent project to get the homeless to talk about what they want the public to know and what it really is like to be homeless in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The fact that it is a full-time occupation is staggering.

Just like being poor, it takes all your energy and focus and resources just to survive the system plus all the negativity from many of the public.

There, but for the grace of God go I seems to sum it up.

Israel has Placed 65 kids under House Arrest in al-Quds in the first half of 2016. Press TV.

These numbers are staggering plus the numbers held in detention and in jails.

The suffering and psychological long-term problems are huge apart from fear, terror, depression and ptsd.

That this is happening to children in the only ‘democracy’ in the area is appalling and totally abhorrent.

The UN is totally ignored.

Britain is not going to Leave the EU anytime soon. Gilad Atzmon.

Excellent summary.

‘It took one day and the resignation of PM Cameron for Johnson to switch to Remain.’

Whoever won – the cabal won.

Own both sides and do what you intended to do all along.

It’s all theatre, smoke and mirrors and hot air to mix a few metaphors.

Or rather, just lies.

Richie Allen on “The Rothschild Cabal will do everything to reverse the referendum decision.”.

Democratic Platform Committee Vote on Palestine Issues in the Middle of the Night. YouTube.