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Open letter to EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker: yes, break up the US

Beautiful! I love the ‘arrogant parasite on your throne’.

The “dependent victim” psy-op

Ecuador Election: No Good Option for the Amazon. Amazon Watch.

A very clear analysis of this important election which will affect the preservation or otherwise of the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people

Jerusalem, Altar of Sacrifice. Snordster. YouTube.

Highly important message.

Please share.

We will regain and take back our beautiful Planet Earth.

One heart at a time.

‘Wherever we went, we got bombed’ : Mosul refugees slam Iraqi & US anti-ISIS offensive. RT. YouTube.

Shocking arrogance of the uninvited troops.and air force.

Activist Finds the Perfect Way to Turn Tables on Lawmakers Who voted to Repeal Internet Privacy Rule. Alternet.

Well done!

Please support.

‘Miscarriage of justice’: jailed hacktivist & his wife share their plight. RT.

UN report will compare ‘cost of Israeli occupation’ with slavery in US. RT.

This report will come out in June.

Prepare for tantrums, reprisals and dismissal from the US and Israel….

Grand deception in virus and disease research

Vital information

How Many Civilians Can We Kill? Robert Koehler. Common Dreams.

Sadly. as Robert eloquently says, war has become a spectator sport as remote as the games on the TV.  As long as we ‘win’ at all costs.

Until we realize those costs are men, women and children killed and maimed at our taxpayer expense costing trillions of dollars that could be spent on health, education, and feeding starving people and children for good or the rubble and bodies with bloated weapons manufacturers.

The choice is ours.