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Open letter to EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker: yes, break up the US

Beautiful! I love the ‘arrogant parasite on your throne’.

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Open letter to EU boss, Jean-Claude Juncker: yes, break up the US

By Jon Rappoport

The Express (March 30): “European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.”

“In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU.”

Dear Jean-Claude,

You unfathomable twit, we love you! Come to America soon and help a few of our states secede from the US.

Our country is far too big. The federal government is a titanic engorged bureaucracy. The idea of a limited Republic is dead. The people are too distant from their ruling government—exactly the situation in which the…

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The “dependent victim” psy-op

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The “dependent victim” psy-op

By Jon Rappoport

“American and British feminism has amazingly collapsed backward again into whining, narcissistic victimology…Too many of today’s young feminists seem to want hovering, paternalistic authority figures to protect and soothe them, an attitude I regard as servile, reactionary and glaringly bourgeois…” (Camille Paglia, the National Catholic Review, 2/25/15)

I could have titled this piece: “What government fears: the black entrepreneur.”

But the situation is much wider than that—-

ANY person who comes out of an “officially designated victim-group”…and then succeeds in life on his own…and then goes one step further and refuses to identify his entire existence with his group…but instead stands as a unique individual…why, that person, at the very least, must be a criminal, if not a terrorist, right?

That’s the crux of the issue: never leave your group.

That’s how society, civilization, and culture are promoted these days.

“Groups have needs…

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Ecuador Election: No Good Option for the Amazon. Amazon Watch.

A very clear analysis of this important election which will affect the preservation or otherwise of the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people

Jerusalem, Altar of Sacrifice. Snordster. YouTube.

Highly important message.

Please share.

We will regain and take back our beautiful Planet Earth.

One heart at a time.

‘Wherever we went, we got bombed’ : Mosul refugees slam Iraqi & US anti-ISIS offensive. RT. YouTube.

Shocking arrogance of the uninvited troops.and air force.

Activist Finds the Perfect Way to Turn Tables on Lawmakers Who voted to Repeal Internet Privacy Rule. Alternet.

Well done!

Please support.

‘Miscarriage of justice’: jailed hacktivist & his wife share their plight. RT.