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Generation Zapped. The Trailer. YouTube.

Brexit means Brexit! Jonathan Pie. RT. YouTube

Jonathan Pie: Theresa May Fucks the NHS! RT. YouTube.

Update: Help get my son Eddie out of hospital.

Good, good news!

This situation should never have arisen and to hear another young lady from the south west has been sent to Newcastle is appalling.

Time this was sorted!

Keiser Report: Encountering Eric Holder. RT. YouTube.

Now More than ever we must tell the truth about the Iraq war. Alternet.

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Get involved in the People’s Tribunal starting December 1st.

Do you realize $5 trillion has been spent on war and they arn’t done yet?

What are the costs to families, the environment and the million Iraqis dead since 2003 yet the same voices that trumpeted those lies are still calling for more of the same – they should be behind bars…..

Like a ‘Concentration Camp’ Police Mark DAPL Protesters with Numbers and lock them in dog kennels. Activist Post.

Like a “Concentration Camp” Police Mark DAPL Protesters with Numbers and Lock Them in Dog Kennels

How Britain’s party of war gave the green light to Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Middle East Eye.


Disgraceful and indefensible.

The war crimes being committed will eventually be accounted for…..

Make no mistake, the wheels of justice turn, albeit slowly, but they turn….

Bill Hicks Destroys the Illuminati. YouTube.

Medical Aid for Palestinians, October 2016. New Report: How the World is failing Palestinian Refugees from Syria.