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‘I Don’t Know How Many People I’ve Killed’: Whistleblowers Speak Out on America’s Gruesome Drone Wars. Alternet.

There is always a price to pay and to be haunted by what you have done without awareness is very troubling.

How many innocent women and children and young men killed?

How many families and lives destroyed?

For what???

Can Cannabis Prevent and Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

Pimping for Israel remains undiminished since UN report branded it an apartheid state. Redress, Information and Analysis.

Courageous article.

Is this stone proof an asteroid wiped out a civilization just like ours 13,000 years ago… and does it vindicate the maverick scholar who says a giant meteorite will destroy us in 2030? Daily Mail.

This is Graham Hancock and the piece of evidence is a stone on the Syrian border just where everything is being destroyed…

Just a coincidence…

Feminists Blind to Saudi Arabia’s Misogyny. YouTube.

Money and weapons.

Anti- Trump distraction while the rest of the world goes to hell.

Climate Change and Geoengineering Deceptions. Activist Post.

An important article.

“The science is settled” approach is not scientific!

Symbols of Power. Pt 1: Skull and Bones, Monarch Symbolism.

Very useful information.

UK should axe state pension for rich people, says OECD. Welfare Weekly.


Sounds like a damned good idea.

US defense of Saudi Arabia is defense of terrorism: Former US diplomat. Press TV.

David Icke: The Long Journey. YouTube.

Congratulations, David on your 65th birthday.

We send much love and blessings for all you have done and are doing.