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The Occupation of the American Mind, documented. YouTube.

Swiss to Recognize Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine. Government Slaves.

Psilocybin. A Volunteers Journal: Session Music. My Psilocybin.

Cuba: Detente or Monroe Doctrine with a Smile? Dady Chery.


In 57 years of embargo Cuba has achieved universal healthcare and equal pay as well as an enviable reputation for help in times of trouble.


Cuba: Détente or Monroe Doctrine Imperial Plot?

Police Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes not unlawful, rules ECHR. RT


How tragic for the family.

Richie Allen Show on Jamila Assi on Living in Damascus under Siege. YouTube.

Jamila is a translator living in Damascus and describes what life is really like in Syria.


She is very brave and helping a group of Syrian Citizen journalists to show what is really happening.

Must listen.


Richie Allen Show on NYC Attorney Patricia Finn on Suing Vaccine Makers and Andy Wakefield’s Film ‘VAXXED’.

100 Years Since 1916: Time for England to Apologise to Ireland. RT

For starters…

VAXXED: The ABC News Interview Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to See. YouTube.

Citing Humanitarian Nightmare, Aid Agencies are Pulling out from Europe’s Refugee Prisons. Alternet.

Completely appalling.

Refugees are scrambling for safety in any way they can, often risking their lives.  They are then thrown into prisons.

They have had to leave their own countries because of the wars instigated by the greedy west.

Now, they aren’t allowed to come to Europe but will be returned to Turkey.

But Turkey doesn’t recognise Syrians and Afghanis as refugees.  So they are returned to where-

the very countries they fled for their lives from in the beginning….