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Death has Become Part of Britain’s Benefits System. Guardian

This pink card nonsense that is supposed to alert untrained mangers to the fact that a benefit claimant is threatening suicide.

Wow.  That really will sort all the problems.

How about not sanctioning them in the first place but giving them real help and support as the Oakley Review 26 recommendations suggest.

None of which have been implemented.

I don’t think one of the recommendations is that IDS should go but I think that might be a good start and then we work through the others.

Bring back the compassion, the caring and the support.

Recommendations Of the Oakley Review Beyond Benefit Sanctions. Publications. Parliament UK

Here are the 26 recommendations none of which have been implemented.

Now, there’s a surprise.

Please support the petition:

Click to access 814.pdf

David Cameron MP, Implement the Recommendations of the Benefit Sanctions Policy Beyond that of the Oakley Review.

Good to see Mike, Maggie and Gill getting together to sponsor this petition.

Formidable opposition to the government!

Please sign, support and share as much as you can.

This has to stop!

Parliament Should have the Power to force Duncan Smith to Resign over WCA deaths. Michael Meacher.

Very concise, pertinent and hard-hitting blog.

Yes, Parliament does need these powers because IDS is not going to do the honourable thing.

And a complete halt and thorough investigation into each and every death.


House of Lords uses zero hour contracts for jobs. Mirror

Well done, Mirror for getting this information in a FOI.

Right, £300 for turning up costing the taxpayer £13,500 per week when the lords is sitting but the staff who keep the place clean and do the hard work cannot pay their rent, have a nightmare with benefits and some weeks cannot eat.

How do the staff manage to look after their homes and families?

Probably family, charities and food banks.

Something very wrong here…

Connecticut Becomes the first state to end Chronic Homelessness among Veterans. Activist Post.

More excellent news.

Let’s hope this is the first among many.

Big-hearted Brierley Hill Shopkeeper cooks up free food for the hard-up and hungry. Stourbridge News

Some very good news about a very compassionate man helping those less fortunate than himself.

I thought this was what governments were supposed to do….

Harperman It’s Time for you to go! YouTube.

Oh dear, the scientist who wrote and performed this song has now been suspended.

Hmn.  Must have hit home then,

A must watch!

Microscopic 3d-printed smart fish swim in the bloodstream to deliver drugs and remove toxins. The Free Thought Project.

Wow!  I have an idea – why don’t they just clear up the toxins in the air, food and water before we ingest them and then we wouldn’t need these smart fish.

Do they remove radiation?

Thought not.

Boycott hit Veolia Dumps Jerusalem Light Rail Completes Israel Withdrawal. Electronic Intifada.

Hopefully the start of a flood.

But who has stepped in to replace them?