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Over 5,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Against Covid Policy ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ 21st Century Wire.


Kudos to all.

War From Within – Australia is being Overrun. Max Igan. MUST WATCH!!!!

Amazing analysis and words of wisdom from incredible Max.

Thousands of ‘Australian police’ are kettling and attacking people for no reason plus frightening and intimidating children playing in the park.

Are these foreign troops being flown in and dressed as police??

Watch the incredible co-ordinated tactics of dealing with the police from Hong Kong.

No leaders but protecting the protestors and then use all the tactics of the police back on them.


Time is Running Out Fast – Dr. Vernon Coleman. MUST WATCH and SHARE!!!!

Kudos Vernon.

He has done so much to try too open people’s eyes and here Vernon shares the history of false flags going right back to the Romans to get people onside for the objective they want.

Here it is The Great Reset where you will own nothing and you will be happy – and having to accept every ‘vaccine’ rolled out under the sun to get your social credits.

No, we do not accept or comply!

‘Covid-19 ‘ Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups of Resisters in Our Future? John Whitehead.

Going back to the building of camps under Carter although the Japanese were rounded up and put in detention camps in WW2.

Now anyone is an extremist especially if you are ant-government and government dictats.

John believes it is when and not if…

The Vaccine Death Report – Millions Have Died From The Injections.

Please download and share.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/29/21 Full. MUST WATCH!!!!

Tucker: These are the priorities of the Democrats

Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/28/21

Documents over fake vaccine genocide served in court.


Kudos to all involved.

Defend Informed Consent – Vaccine Awareness Week: 9/26-10/2. Natural Blaze.

Do not miss the powerful conversation between Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher, the mother of a child damaged by the DPT vaccine.