Monthly Archives: March 2021

David Icke Talks to the Atlantic Underground Podcast. 2 . MUST WATCH!!!!

All the context, information and perspective needed to understand where the whole covid hoax is going.

Unless we become more proactive and refuse to comply.

The cabal would have us believe that resistance is futile, but that is not true.

And as the enormous adverse effects truth comes out more and more will refuse to take these DNA-changing gene therapies.

Highly recommended.

UK Column News – 31st March 2021. MUST WATCH!!!

Arab Spring Redux: Is Myanmar the Next Libya? Brian Berletic. 21st Century Wire.

An excellent analysis of the developing situation in Asia.

The answer is yes, unless the leaders of these countries wake up and start to pay close attention to the way the Arab Spring was engineered.

Excellent reporting.

My Red Pill Moments. James Corbett & Keith Knight

UK Column News – 29th March 2021

Butterfly of the Week, 15 February 21: Beware… Mutants are Lurking About MUST WATCH!!!

Seattle Is Dying | A KOMO News Documentary.

Connection performed by NPH Encore Dance Performance. Kudos!

My sister is one of the dancers!


10 Natural Uses for Liquid Castile Soap. Natural Blaze.

The most famous is Dr. Bronner’s famous castile soap.

Mu favourite is the rose variety but the wintergreen or peppermint varieties have specific roles which I will now try.

Some of these uses you may well know but I’m sure there will be some new to you.

A beautiful product produced by a family firm which supports many other worth-while causes.

Highly recommended.

Sunday Wire: Episode #367 – ‘Zombies and Vampires’ with host Patrick Henningsen, guest Basil Valentine. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent episode.

Patrick joins the dots in the biosecurity scenario and where this is taking us as a society and then Basil provides more proof of the way in which this is being implemented.

Highly recommended.