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Ickonic the Brand New Streaming Platform – Sign Up for More Information.

The Sun Also Warms: Dr. Willie Soon Shows the Sun-Climate Connection. MUST WATCH!

Third Israeli Election Likely Over Impasse? Stephen Lendeman. David Icke.

What a mess.

The biggest losers are the Palestinians.

Gaza not fit for habitation.

Bantustans as isolated communities in the West Bank and Jerusalem being forcibly cleared.

This article clearly outlines the harassment and violence the Palestinians have to endure on an ongoing basis as the world looks on.

Elections? – Lose-lose for the Palestinians.


Syria says US, Turkish troops must withdraw ‘immediately’. David Icke.

Ooh, I think not – far too lucrative as just by coincidence the 33% of the country they are inhabiting illegally has all the oil resources.


No way.

Watch for more false flags to give excuses to invade…

Censorship From Silicon Valley – David Icke.

Green Killing Machines: the impact of renewable energy on wildlife and nature.

The truth about Attenborough’s falling walruses. GWPF.

Simon Bean MBE. Please watch and share. (Vital information on EU Military Unification whatever the Brexit result.)

White Helmets and Hala Systems – the grotesque militarisation of “humanitarianism” in Syria. Vanessa Beeley. UK Column.

Highly recommended.

A very thorough and detailed analysis of a very murky and incestuous propaganda class act for regime change in Syria disguised as ‘good’ for people, the world and profit aka business (of course).

Sadly including organ trafficking s well.

There is no questioning by the MSM or these people of the reasons why refugees are created and the endless wars instigated as the resources, including the people are stolen.

Please share this vital information as people need to know WE are funding this appalling terrorism even as people are living in poverty and suffering under austerity while this is being funded with tax-payer money.

Time for change.

Kudos, Vanessa.

EU to Withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal? David Icke.


Please, Mr President, tell us what to do as we wouldn’t want to upset you.