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Why Are We Still On Facebook…? Excellent!

Mostly Violent Riot Cops Storm Peaceful Protest.

David Icke – Speech Save Our Rights. MUST WATCH AND SHARE!!

UK Column News – 28th September 2020 MUST WATCH!!!

Sunday Wire: Episode #342 – ‘Reflections and Warnings’ with host Patrick Henningsen and guests. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent episode with the last broadcast of intrepid reporter Andre Vltchek who sadly recently died.

He was grounded in Chile and found it very frustrating.

It is an excellent reflection of a brutal dictator using the emergency to enforce military lockdown.

Andre had written many books and articles on about 140 different countries he had visited. He was the voice of the people and his photos and descriptions were very vibrant and vivid.

He will be missed.

RIP Andre.

Sadiq SLAMS “Selfish” Anti-Lockdown London Today – Hypocrite Trafalgar Square.

Gareth Icke Live in London Sept 2020. Great Speech – starts 53.33

David Icke 26-09-2020 London. Amazing Speech!!!

Now They Are Coming For Your Kids. David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast. MUST WATCH!!

Children are a target for the cabal and cult in so many ways.

Children are mainly unaffected by the virus so they are now back at school with temperatures dropping sitting all day with masks on with windows and doors open in freezing temperatures and draughts.

What will this do to their health?

Of course, flu and colds put down to the virus.

This week a very distraught mother reported her child had come home from school vaccinated.

Without her consent.

Without her knowledge that this was about to take place.

According to the WHO, a child’s presence in school is taken as consent for vaccination.


You have a choice, homeschool or make sure your child comes home at once before this happens.

When the NHS descend on the school demand the school inform parents in advance.

The school needs to demand the NHS gives notice as well. and not just turn up and vaccinate children.

What do these nurses and doctors think they are doing?

Do they not have children and grandchildren?

And then take it up with the school and authorities.

A letter withholding consent and holding the person personally culpable is probably another useful strategy.

This needs to be halted.


David Icke Talks to Pete Evans – Full Interview.

A long and in-depth interview with David in which he explains in detail the nature of reality and how we are programmed to experience and live out our lives in the five sense reality that the powers that shouldn’t be -the cult- want to desperately keep us in.

Once we realize we are Consciousness, All that is, All Possibility and All One the game is over.

We are free!

Highly recommended.

Please share far and wide.