Monthly Archives: August 2016

Meet the Climate Change Professors who BANNED all debate. Natural News.

When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. David Icke.

Climate Science is NOT Settled.

But you won’t find the facts in the msm…

Click to access clexit.pdf

Judge Gives Cancer Patient 90 Days of Jail for Being too Sick to Pay Bills. Natural Blaze.


Organizations Unite and connect with each other. Natural Blaze.

Victoria Bans Fracking to Protect Farmers. Premier of Victoria.


Victoria Bans Fracking To Protect Farmers

An Oil Pipeline and a River: What would Sitting Bull Do? Common Dreams.


Sense.  No, not common, I’m afraid. Update: Prove Glyphosate is safe.

Excellent work.

American Holocaust of Native Indians. Full Documentary. YouTube.

Shocking: South Korean Death Camps Uncovered. Fort Russ.