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How Proper Sleep Lowers Infection. Dr. Mercola.

More and more research is highlighting how important good sleep is to vibrant health.

Good sleep meaning full darkness and around 7-8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Ask a new parent or someone caring for someone chronically ill how important quality sleep is.

Ironic that in an ICU you will be trying to sleep with noise, lights and interruptions.

Not a healing environment at all for those that need it most.

King Lear comes to mind!

Venezuela: US regime change operation falters. Off-Guardian.

This really is huge, the US fails again by underestimating the local feeling.

They really would be very stupid to try the military option.

The same with Syria, people may not like Assad but when he and the country is threatened they all pull together.

Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21. American Policy Center.

People are waking up.

How does fracking and 5G fit into the ‘protecting the environmen’t rhetoric?

Clean water, protect the land and the atmosphere?

Seen any good chemtrails recently?

Time to stomp this nonsense into the ground for good.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the Children’s Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans. Vigilant Citizen.

Very disturbing and very, very sick.

Parents would allow their children to take part in this sadistic, ritualistic debauchery?

Do they know what the children are being asked to take part in?

If not, why not?

The real humanitarian aid: Inside Venezuela’s state-subsidized communal markets.

Murray: The UK Gov Labeling Hezbollah Movement as ‘Terrorist’ is Going Too Far. Craig Murray. 21st Century Wire.

Well said.

Defending your country and people from foreign warring attackers does not make you a terrorist organization.

Is There A Way To Oppose 5G Rollout in Your Community? A Radiofrequency Expert Offers His Expertise. Natural Blaze.

More very pertinent information to present to your elected representatives and also to a meeting in your neighbourhood to raise awareness and get this stopped.

You need 5 or more people to get together and host a meeting or meet with your elected representatives or to attend local government meetings.

We can all stop this assault on our health and that of the wildlife and the trees they plan to cut down.

NO is a powerful word!

Questions To Ask About The Planned 5G Rollout Via Satellite Launches. Natural Blaze.

Questions we all need to be asking our elected representatives.

Print them off and send them today.  You want full answers in 7 days time.


Processed Foods Lead to Cancer and Early Death. Dr. Mercola. Waking Times.

Excellent article.

The message is clear – eating highly or ultraprocessed foods increases the intake of sugar, poor fats and salt, all linked with obesity and cancers associated with obesity.

The social reality and inequality is that this food is generally cheaper, easily available, ready to eat and addictive.

So the poor, who can least afford healthcare are coughing up $1 trillion in healthcare costs.

And cancer rates which have been falling over the decades are set to rise exponentially in the future as the young age with all these health problems ready to implode.

Unless eating and lifestyle habits change.

Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles.