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ISIS Mayhem being fuelled by Saudi Arabia and CIA Drugs Trafficking. 21st Century Wire.

Historical analysis of how drugs have been used to create superhuman advances from the German Nazi advance in France, then Libya and now Syria.

Also, how young children are radicalised and traumatised and then go on to create mayhem.



Gaza Aid Pledges fail to Materialize. Electronic Intifada.


The cruel bureaucratic, torturous paperwork, stupid regulations and inhuman delays have meant that the pledged aid hasn’t been able to get through to the families desperate for their ¬†homes to be rebuilt or repaired.

Yet Israel gets away with it.

Not for much longer though as the world, and in particular the Americans wake up.

Here’s the full spectacle of Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP Horror Show with a UN Investigation on the way. Independent.

Actually, there are 2 UN investigations but we know what the response of this shower will be.

Things have to change so please do your bit, get on to a local council and get together with 4 or 5 people and make a fuss and a difference.

Philip Davis Understand this: My dad was dying while I had to feed the parking meter. Mirror.

Well said.

All parking charges should go at hospitals.


UN Launches Second Investigation into Impact of tory Welfare cuts. Welfare Weekly.

Another embarrassment for the government.

As the article concludes, these cuts are ideological and nothing to do with paying down the debt which has increased exponentially under the tories.

NHS Trust Axed as Manchester in Crisis. Manchester Evening News.

Thanks to Mike Sivier in Vox Political for pointing this out.

In answer to his question as to where all the increased funding under the conservatives have gone – fat contracts, generic medicines and all medicines skyrocketing by thousands of percent and paying huge fees for agency staff.

So no money for the vital mental health services and those with highly delilibating  conditions like chronic fatigue which affects so many young males and is so difficult to treat.

If you live in Manchester go along to the NHS and council meetings and speak out and ask questions.

We can make a huge difference!

Big Pharma Hormone Conspiracy Exposed. Dr. Brownstein’s Blog.

So the goalposts get moved every time doctors begin to prescribe natural hormones.

Follow the Money!