Monthly Archives: November 2018

Primary school abolishes written homework because it is causing too much stress for pupils (and teachers). David Icke.

Watch this space as the investigation takes place in response to outrage by parents and then the head is replaced…

A Sacred Pulse of Sensuality. Soren Dreier. David Icke.

Delight in the simple things.

9/11 Truth Gets A Grand Jury – #NewWorld NextWeek. Corbett Report.

The Deep State is in Deep Trouble. David Icke.

More dominoes are falling…

Alan Watts – The Truth About Ego.

The Palestinian Right of Return. War on Want.

We must not forget.

Sorting this is the basis of justice and freedom for the whole world.

The Truth About Israeli Influence on US Foreign Policy by Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. 21st Century Wire.

The unvarnished truth…

MSM is Like Big Pharma – The Rewards of Malpractice Outweigh the Penalties. Waking Times.

It all needs a good thorough overhaul.


Foodbanks brace for busiest Christmas on record as benefit cuts plunge thousands into poverty. David Icke.

Disgraceful in the 5th richest economy in the world.

Disgraceful that 65,000 are children and still growing both their brains and their bodies.

Disgraceful that the figures will get worse as the winter bites and universal credit is rolled out despite ministers and committees claim it needs to be stopped until the problems are ironed out.

Disgraceful that all this is happening as the UN report calls on the government to halt austerity which only harms the poor.


U.S., Europe, & NATO Risk War Backing Unhinged Kiev Regime. David Icke.

Just look at a map of the region.

And the west would tolerate this in their back yard?

Sadly, the west and Nato and the US are gearing up for all out war.

Is that what we really want?