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Hundreds of thousands living in squalid rented homes in England. The Guardian.

I seem to remember this or the previous conservative government voting that houses did not have to be fit for human habitation.

Perhaps they might like to change that?

I thought not….

Isle of Wight turkeys bidding for Christmas council campaigns to be ‘awarded’ health-destroying, mind- manipulating 5G. David Icke.

Check out your area and start asking questions and educating your councilors.

Or we will all be living inside an airport scanner….

Israelis Sue New Zealanders Over Lorde Boycott. SF Chronicle.

This is extraordinary.

Anyone, anywhere can be sued if Israelis feel morally outraged.

Hang on – just how do the Palestinians feel?

Children dragged away in the night, taken to military prisons and abused and locked up for decades?

Because you believe in freedom and justice for those imprisoned?

I do hope they don’t cave in to this appalling intimidation.

They missed a concert – others miss their lives, their homes and their land???

Something very wrong somewhere…

How to stage a fake bioterror attack

The cracks are appearing. The doctors themselves are taking action to promote and research treatments such as stem cells that will cause the death of big pharma. Of course the FDA and others are fighting it like mad but the fact that it works and uses your own stem cells and nothing else mean that the writing is on the wall. People are becoming informed and do not believe the official line and do have a sense of when they are lied to.

US relocating ISIS to Afghanistan to justify military presence in the region: Iranian leader. David Icke.

AFGHANISTAN: Does the Siege of the Hotel Intercontinental Herald the Fall of Kabul? 21st Century Wire.


16 years of NATO and the US plus $1 trillion utter devastation and destroyed lives is all there is to show for it.

Plus the devastation on the city streets of the US and UK from the heroin…

What is there not to like, Trump?

Oh, but it’s China’s fault or Russia.

At Davos, China Offered Hope While Trump Scapegoated China for America’s Internal Decline. Eurasia Future.

A very useful analysis.

Throughout the world the Chinese build infrastructure while the Americans destroy it in their devastating wars.

#ReleaseTheMemo UPDATE: Now Declassified, Expect a Public Reading Next Week. 21st Century Wire.

And fireworks to distract from this.

Update: Bring My Son Home. Silent Witness. BBC.

This is how the world changes – when ‘ordinary’ people say ENOUGH!


How Vaccinated Kids Infect The Non-Vaccinated. Sayer Ji. GreenMedInfo.

There are no safety tests for vaccines.

As Sayer Ji says, they need to be suspended until safety is demonstrated.

House of cards a’crashin’ down…