Monthly Archives: June 2017

Anti-Terror Music Video Calls on Muslims to Worship Allah With ‘Love not Terror’. Waking Times.

A beautiful and powerful music video with surviving victims from other terror attacks.

Peace, love and cooperation are the future.

Lloyd’s Victims. YouTube.

Please share far and wide.

Thank you.

When Government Forces Parents’ Hands on Vaccines: A Response to Paul Offit. Natural Blaze.

Losing the argument ungraciously…..

The CNN Gong Show: dunces, dimwits, and vipers

Richie Allen Show on Janet & Stewart Swerdlow on Colour Frequencies, Anger Making You Ill, Sleep Paralysis & More. YouTube.

Important information.

Six Charged Over the Hillsborough Disaster. Daily Mail.

The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but they turn…..

Historic Video: CIA Officials Testify About Torture For The First Time. Activist Post.

Why Opioid Deaths Are This Generation’s AIDS crisis. Alternet.

Desperately tragic.

President El-Sisi: Egypt’s Antihero and the Broader Regional Implications. Global Research.

Water at the heart and a small expanding greedy country…..

UN Engineered Cholera Epidemic: Help Haitians Find Justice Today. Global Research.

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