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Enslaved by the Cult: Exploitation of young boy’s in Java’s ancient tradition. David Icke.

Good news this is slowly dying out as children become more educated.

Paedophilia by any other name.

Max Igan – A Truth that Most Refuse to See. David Icke.

The video may not be able to be accessed on YouTube because it has been ‘quarantined’ so go to the Crowhouse and view it there.

It says it as it is and will have ‘upset’ some.

Christine Blasey Ford, the CIA, Fusion GPS & George Soros. The State of The Nation.

So what is really going on???

Sunday Wire: Episode #250 – ‘Quarter Century’ with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Basil Valentine. 21st Century Wire.

Good to have Patrick back.

Two cracking reports from Syria.

First Ever Glyphosate Strip Tests for Food and Water Enable Affordable Home Testing. Natural Blaze.


Is The Sky Falling Or Is Just Weather Geoengineering “Killing Us Lightly”?

ADHD and ADD are FAKE disorders stemming from bad school practices, HFCS and artificial food coloring. Natural News.

Includes a video with excellent advice on natural ways to combat this.

31/2 million children are on medication daily with huge effects on their overall health.

That is horrendous.

Get involved at the local school board to improve education from mere rote memory tasks.

The Day Fracking Protest Became A Jailable Offence – In Pictures. DeSmogUK

No crime committed but sent to jail???

Weaponizing Frequencies: The Coming Tidal Wave. Natural Blaze.

Very clear article on this most urgent of issues.

Get involved!

Madam President Haley. Kurt Nimmo. David Icke.

Not good.