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‘Life has to go on’: How Sweden Faced the Virus Without a Lockdown. David Icke.

Real kudos to the Swedes.

A government that is grown up and not telling people what they can and cannot do, that has no enormous problems of coming out of the lockdown and hasn’t destroyed its’ economy.


Dr Andrew Kaufman – Unmasking the Lies Around Coronavirus: Fact Versus Fiction of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Tucker: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines. MUST WATCH!!!

The Great Awakening Has Begun. David Icke.

All we need to mourn and then all we need to celebrate.

But action has to be taken to really turn this around.

9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus. David Icke.

A very good, concise timeline to forward to friends and family that do not yet connect the dots.

Please share as time is running out to get this nonsense stopped.

Getting Back to Nature Boosts Natural Killer cells. Dr. Mercola.

At a time when so many are locked up in their own homes and forbidden to go for long hikes and into the forest for 3 days, a very welcome reminder that even short walks in nature, and even tree essential oils will basically boost your immune system.


Garden and especially grow your own.

Dandelion leaves, unsprayed and picked away from roads and dogs are excellent in a salad or smoothie.


Hitchens: “In many people’s eyes, the UK’s Lockdown is already over.” 21st Century Wire.

If only!

Includes Peter on talkRadio again as he spars with Mike Graham.

Excellent comparison that the high speed train has been purposely derailed for 1 passenger with all the carnage that causes for so many.

Hitchens: ‘In many people’s eyes, the UK’s Lockdown is already over’

FEAR NO MAN: Why Dr. Rashid Buttar Feels Like He Is Doing The Creator’s Work.

Someone says I’m 68 today. They must be kidding. (As Alice says, ” Have a happy day and rest of your life!)

A “Second Wave” Is Coming …And They’re Going to Blame It on YOU!! The Corbett Report.