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Two Guys Swam Through Flood Waters To Save Stranded Foxes. White Wolf.


Over 50,000 families shipped out of London boroughs in the past three years due to welfare cuts and soaring rents. The Independent.

This has happened since the Coalition got into power and the cuts really started to bite.

First the bedroom tax with the stupidity that you can downsize except there is no smaller property available.  The harshness has meant parents have nowhere for children when they stay over and carers cannot sleep in.  The most bizarre has been that someone who is disabled and had a room and flat adapted for kidney dialysis cannot use a room to store his medical equipment.

Then the huge reduction in housing benefit, all other benefits and the soaring rent costs.

So then whole families are torn from their friends, neighbourhoods, schools, clinics, doctors and friends and dumped somewhere totally alien and isolated.

No wonder some are considering suicide.

Who cares?

Not the tories or their little yellow helpers.

Benefit Street – NxtGen – YouTube

Sadly, Benefit Street is returning to the screen next month.

Malcolm X, “The TV and the press will have you hating those they oppress.”

Last year MP’s claimed £84m in expenses.  They also got an 11% pay rise.

IDS claimed £39 for a breakfast and for underpants and paper clips.

Danny Alexander claimed thousands for his children’s travel.

! million are on food banks.

Schools could send children’s homework abroad to be marked for as little as £2 an hour to free up teachers’ time, Daily Mail Online.

How about just sending the pupils to India as well to free up parents’ time?


How about stop setting homework and let children do some thing creative instead.

Or make it voluntary.

Hey presto- no marking!

You know, when children get really hooked on something they will do it for themselves anyway.  And learn a lot.

Israeli – Palestinian conflict and the militarisation of police forces. YouTube. MUST WATCH

This Israeli peace activist is speaking in Winnipeg, Canada.

It is so important how this is spilling over into our lives as well.

We are all Palestinians and if they can ‘win’ then it is very hopeful for the rest of the world.

Wise, wise words.

Bayer Calypso safe for bees???? Bayercropscience.

Bund environmental group in Germany were taken to court by Bayer for showing from the evidence that Calypso is harmful to bees.

The judge threw it out.

Bayer are still claiming it is safe for bees.

Please do your research and bring it to the notice of the relevant bodies.

Unwelcome in Australia: Family face deportation over son’s autism. YouTube.

I hope they succeed in their appeal and for other families as well.

Toxic Mercury in the mist – holding Unilever in India to account. Global Research.

Another very sad episode when hazardous operations were shifted to poorer countries with lower health and safety standards polluting and killing with impunity.

No link found with the mercury – perhaps the committee would like to drink the water or eat the fish??

Pole Shift? Observations from the Inuit People. YouTube

Fascinating observations on the weather and the stars from the Inuit people in a message to NASA.

Interesting about the prevalence of the east wind bringing bad weather.

Israeli city revives historic mission to keep out Arabs. Jonathan Cook : the View from Nazareth.

Excellent article on how the Jewish mayor is dedicated to ensuring the Arabs are kept as second class citizens.

No Arabic books in libraries and no Arab teaching in the schools.

With giant Israeli flags everywhere there is just a feeling you may not be welcome in your own city.

‘a continuum of racism’ is how one Arab council member describes it.