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Single Mum has Benefits Stopped because HMRC think she’s having an affair with her SHOP. Mirror.

Well, you couldn’t make it up!

Not funny though because the onus is on her to prove she isn’t and of course they stopped her benefit while she has to prove this stupidity is an utter crass invention of some bureaucrat with too much time on their hands.

Or the victim of targets by any means fair or foul.

Daughter of Man who Committed Suicide after being found fit for work takes Human Rights case to UN. The National.


Anyone else who has a story to tell about the welfare reforms needs to get in touch with this investigation.

Please do.

please share and support others having difficult times against DWP rulings.

How US Public Schools Have Come to Increasingly Resemble Prisons Instead of Learning Centers. Blacklisted News.

This article by John Whitehead is profoundly disturbing.

That young children are being increasingly subjected to police violence and military hardware is heartbreaking.

Fortunately he quotes an example of where a school was taken over by new management determined to use non-violent methods and pupil empowerment.  The police were not pleased but they carried on and after a year the drop in serious incidents was down by a staggering 90%.

Just goes to show.

What sort of world do we want?

Then start by reflecting this in how we treat our young children.

UK Government – 700 Israeli Attacks on Gaza since 2014 ceasefire. Middle East Monitor.

This is truly shocking.

Where is the condemnation from the government and MP’s??

Where is there any meaningful condemnation and action from world leaders?

Totally unacceptable that Netanyahu was recently welcomed by the government here in the UK.


‘Do You Realize What you’ve done?’ Putin Pulverises Western Actions in Syria at UNGA. 21st Century Wire.

Oh yes, they know exactly what they’ve done.

Exactly as intended – chaos.

Don’t hold your breath they will actually do anything to help Syria.

Labour Reveals 21 Broken Promises. Mirror.

One for every week they have been in office.

What a despicable record.

Well done Mirror.

Watch Redcar Steel workers Gut wrenching speech hours after losing his job. Mirror

Owned by Thais.

But we shall need a lot more steel when we start building more affordable housing and thus kick-start the economy.

Well done for speaking out.

Labour Considers Biggest Public Housebuilding Drive since 1970’s. Guardian.

Good news.

At least there is now another narrative instead of the tory ‘there is no other way’.

Yes, there is!

Hundreds of Full – time New York City Workers are Homeless. Market Watch.

People wonder how it could happen to them – very easily.

These people are earning over $33k a year but rents are astronomical.

Shelters are unsafe and simply not supportive.

Very shocking.

HMG Petitions – Arrest Tony Blair for War Crimes in the Middle East and Misleading the Public.

Please support and share.

Thank you