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How can Gaza’s contaminated water catastrophe be solved?Al Jazeera.

A ‘ticking time bomb’.

The article gives a very good analysis of the problems and how they have come about.

Sadly, it only really examines hugely expensive, massive infrastructure projects that could just go up in the next bombing raid.

Surely the answer is small scale, inexpensive local filtering projects and solar pumps for the sewage.

Backed by teams of lawyers sorting the roots of the problems.

Israel has illegally seized control of all the water.


Gaza’s drinking water spurs blue baby syndrome, serious illnesses. Al Jazeera.

The first of two articles.

The next focuses on solutions.

I know, end the siege and hold Israel accountable for the war crimes targeting the water and sewage systems and infrastructure.

How would you and your family manage on 4 hours of electricity out of 24?


The children always pay the heaviest price.

Palestinian Political Prisoners Resist. David Icke.

Kudos.  Kudos.  Kudos.

5G and The AI Control Grid. Max Igan.

Latin America Returns to Washington’s Fold – and to Fascism. David Icke.

For the time being.

Until they realize they’ve been tricked…


Mental disorders do not exist

The label also stops anyone looking at the causes.

via Mental disorders do not exist

Water and Homeopathy: Science’s Cutting-Edge Latest Discoveries. Dr. Mercola.

Here it is!  The article giving the neglected and ridiculed research that can no longer be refuted!

Spread the word – this is paradigm shifting and will have huge effects and shifts for the betterment of all!


Study: Normal, 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi Damages Fertility, What is Verizon’s 35 GHz, 5G Doing? Natural Blaze.

Please share and get involved.

Ask these vital questions now while it can be stopped.

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla.

A State of Everythingness- Part 11. Soren Dreier. David Icke.