Monthly Archives: November 2016

Standing Rock Woman Alleges Chemical Warfare: Planes Spraying. US has Long History of Biowarfare. Natural Blaze.

Our government wouldn’t….. would it?????

Australian Lawmakers Urge End to Israeli Abuses of Palestinian Children. Electronic Intifada.

There was a recent Australian documentary that was very powerful.

The tide is turning……

The West’s War on Thailand’s Next King. New Eastern Outlook.

Wise words but will they be heeded?

Fidel Castro’s Legacy: The Power of Ideas. Living in Solidarity. Global Research.

Of course the west will slag him off.

Monsanto’s Dirty Links with the Government over Deadly White Phosphorus Manufacturing. Natural Blaze.

Agent Orange, glyphosate and now White Phosphorus.

If you are able to attend the share-holders’ meeting or know any one on the board please use  your influence to draw attention to the use of this deadly stuff in Iraq and Gaza.  Syria as well?????

Time we said enough.

We Have to Face the Major Problem of Acute Financial Stress. Part 1. Alternet.

Very useful self help for the PTSD of acute financial stress.

“Orders to Kill” Dr Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors MLK with a National Holiday Killed Him. Global Research.

US Air Force facing severe shortage of pilots, aircraft: Commander. Press TV.

Well, well, well……

Duerte: “The US tells us what to do, threatens to cut assistance”. RT. YouTube.

No wonder Russia and RT are being demonized…..

Support BDS! Stand Up for Palestinian Rights.