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New Cannabis Capsule is so Effective that it’s replacing Big Pharma Painkillers. Natural Blaze.

If you ever suffered from menstrual cramps you would be delighted with this.

Big Pharma’s response?

Dirty and under the belt.

GMO’s without labelling.

Known as The Dark Act.

They’re Still Lying About the First Gulf War: How the First George Bush Helped Create Today’s Middle East Trouble. Salon.

25 years ago the horror and lies of the first gulf war unfolded.

Since then the people who were responsible have never been held accountable for the thousands of deaths and the war crimes committed.

They are still paraded as heroes and listened to instead of at the Hague.

Why We Need Democratic Socialism to fix our Educational System. Common Dreams.

This applies to the US but as our education system in the UK becomes more privatised it will equally apply here in the UK.

This battle has been fought many times and now we are back at the same place of viewing education as something to be bought and sold.

Education is about children learning within an educational setting and community.  Of course that is not the only place children learn but it needs to be the best place for children to learn.

That means having teachers who are skilled in understanding how children learn and providing that.

This means focusing on the teachers and not technology or innovation.

That may be nice and shiny.

But it is the skilled interpreter and the skilled observer of young children who is able to lead their questioning and enhance their experiences in the social settings particularly for nursery and preschool.

And that is precisely where the unkindest cuts are being inflicted.

Disabled People Challenge the Bedroom Tax at the Supreme Court. Guardian.

Just think what these families have been through to have to have appealed to the Supreme Court for fairness in order just to live their lives.

I do hope they all win.

How about some decent compensation?

Don’t tell me – DWP will waste thousands of taxpayer money in appealing…

Mapping the Toxic Remnants of War

Featured Image: A UNEP investigator assesses dozens of storage vessels for the toxic, carcinogenic and explosive missile fuel dimethylhydrazine that were abandoned by Soviet forces at a helicopter …

Source: Mapping the Toxic Remnants of War

How the West lies about the expansion of NATO. YouTube.

The Corbett Report on Nato expansion in the Balkans.

Important to hear from the people themselves and not the west’s imperial expansion policies presented as fact.


There’s a Seal on the Soul. Julian Rose. Zen Gardner.

Excellent article – should be required reading for all those who have been baptised or had their children done.

Needs careful reading and digesting.  The comments are very revealing.

No – if you were baptised as an infant then you did not give spiritual consent so null and void.

Confronting Netanyahu and the Ideology of Likud Zionism. Global Research.

Circumventing the Geneva Convention and the UN on settlements and the undeclared nuclear arsenal despite screaming at Iran for thinking about nuclear power for peaceful means is the ultimate in hypocrisy and cries out for condemnation backed up by strong sanctions by western powers and Europe.

And that doesn’t go near the daily warcrimes and destroying infrastructure as well as bombing civilians, seizing and incarcerating juveniles in military prisons….

I could go on.

Brexit and Good Riddance. Sputnik News.

Some really good, hard hitting points.

The US wants the UK in Europe as we are their lap dog and do Washington’s dirty work.

That seems a good enough reason to leave, let alone all the other reasons and the fact that we never stop  (rightly)  complaining.

Voices from Syria: Reports from Inside Syria by Rev Andrew Ashdown. Part 1 21st Century Wire.

Very telling that the mainstream media remain within the enclaves of the luxury hotels and do not meet the Syrian people. or the representatives appealing on behalf of peace and sanity.

‘Freedom’ like ‘democracy’ have done nothing to hide the blatant bombing and rape of these former sovereign countries.

As the media report and reinforce the corporate, banking, military narrative.