Monthly Archives: July 2016

President Obama Just Signed the DARK Act into Law. Natural Blaze.

A very shocking legacy to leave the American people.

Time for people to ensure the food they have is not GMO.


Latest US-led coalition strikes killed 45 civilians near Manjib – Syrian Foreign Ministry. RT. YouTube.

Shockingly arrogant.

“4 years on it’s time travel, not progress”. Jonathon Pie. RT. UK. YouTube

George Carlin: Dealing with Homelessness. YouTube.


A Decade of Evidence Demonstrates the Dramatic Failure of Globalisation. TruePublica.

A Decade of Evidence Demonstrates The Dramatic Failure Of Globalisation

VA Spent Millions on Art While Veterans Died Awaiting Care. Govtslaves.

More horror comes to light.

VA Spent Millions On Art While Veterans Died Awaiting Care

Court Rules that kids can be Arrested for Burping in School. Copblock.

Yup, the land of the free is arresting kids for burping.


Court Rules That Kids Can Be Arrested For Burping In School