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Young People in England have the Lowest Literacy Levels in the Developed World. I B Times

I totally disagree with the conclusions of this report and how the government are handling it.

These almost illiterate young people have NOT come through ‘progressive’ education.

That is simply not true.

The battle for literacy was lost by the progressives in the 70’s and 80’s and what we have had since then has been phonics ad nauseam.

Frank Smith wrote the very best book on how the brain reads and how young children learn to read.  It does not take a genius to work out that children not only learn to read by reading – like any other skill but that they need to understand what reading is about and how books and language work.

In other word, they need to be around books from birth and they need to be read to consistently.  (Any libraries still open and do parents have money for books???)

Then they will learn to read with ease before they go to school – because as we see from these results – schools ain’t no good at teaching reading and pretty well nothing else as well – except teaching children how to fail.

“I’ll Publish my tax returns and now I Challenge the Chancellor to do the same”. Mirror.

We wait with baited breath….

Discrediting Conspiracy ‘THEORIES’ with Maths? God save us from Academia. David Icke Videocast.YouTube

This will not make sense to anyone new to David.  Grateful for not having a degree or having taken an exam?

Listen on and learn – you have been horribly programmed!

David reads the dictionary definition of conspiracy – it fits governments and banks beautifully.

How did the term ‘conspiracy theory’ come about?

Documents show it was coined by the CIA in 1967 to discredit those who questioned the pathetic official version of the murder of JFK.

Sorry, Professor Grimes, who thought up the maths that supports the official line – you ain’t got a clue!


Uninvited Guest. Campaign Against the Arms Trade. YouTube

The opening speech at the 2015 Arms Fair Dinner was not quite what the arms dealers and government speaks were expecting…

Brave woman.


Want to Buy some Zika virus? Buy it on Line here!


Uganda 1947 rings a bell…

Several actually…

Is Zika Virus the next tool for forced sterilisation and vaccination and depopulation? Activist Post.

Some background information that is worth bearing in mind as well as some basic information the media are not asking…

Most Senior NHS Managers Earn More than £100k – and that doesn’t include their bonus.

Yet frontline staff are being reduced and their pay increases – if they still have a job – have been 1% for the last 5 years.

Milking the system springs to mind.

Israeli Traitor? Woman refuses to serve in the IDF released from prison. RT YouTube

Sadly, she has to report back on Sunday and if she refuses again back she goes to prison.

Up to ten times serving 180 days.

For her beliefs and the experience she had working with Palestinian children traumatised by war.

All power to her!


War and the destruction of social infrastructure in America. World Socialist Web Site.

An interesting article giving some shocking statistics.

Apparently the lead poisoning of children in Flint is the tip of the iceberg as most of the water pipes are 100 years old and lined with lead.

But there is no money to upgrade them and it appears no-one is even suggesting it.

There are far more important things to spend tax-payers’ money on – like a trillion dollars for the failed F35 and upgrading the atomic bombs to make them easier to move around.

Really tough choices…

Un Exposes ‘widespread’ Saudi targets in Yemen, Uk arms exports questioned. RT YouTube

Hopefully, the heat is on cameron and he will have to climb down.

This is immoral and obscene.

No, Britain is not at war with the Yemen and we have no business to be supporting the corrupt and despicable saudi regime in its’ war crimes.