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Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on vx, hydrogel and secret government programs.

A Takeaway in the North East of England. Very important video!

Anthony Fauci: 40 Years of Lies From AZT to Remdesivir. Torsten Engelbrecht & Konstantin Demeter. Off Guardian.

His misrule began in 1984 – yes, really and since then he has guided the “magic bullet” thesis ignoring scientific protocols and lifestyle influences such as diet, environmetal toxins and exercise.

In the meantime he has developed seriously flawed and under tested vaccines as his ties with money webs have grown incestuously.

All the while dodging scrutiny and accountability.

Till now.

The facade is fading and the emperor is increasingly being found to have no clothes as the house of cards falls.

Another person to face charges against humanity very soon.

After the Virus: The World of 2025 – #PropagandaWatch. MUST WATCH!!!

Response to the EHRC and Jeremy’s Suspension – MP Chris Williamson. BRILLIANT!!!

Glenn Greenwald on resigning from his own publication due to censorship.

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination is Unethical and Unscientific. Gilbert Berndine, M.D. Natural Blaze.

This is an excellent article.

We should be very grateful to those who refuse a mandatory vaccine as they are presenting themselves as a control group.

After all, if the vaccine was 100% safe wouldn’t everyone be lining up to take it voluntarily?

However, no vaccine is 100% safe.

He gives an example of when the CDC wanted TB to be eradicated from the US.

Small trials were held and only later was it found that people were dying from liver toxicity from the drug. So it had to be abandoned.

How about the scenario with everyone on the planet vaccinated and 10 years later it was found it made everyone sterile and so the whole of humanity was wiped out. Every last woman, man and child gone.

Hardly beyond the realms of fantasy..

And the vaccines being tested do not even pretend to eradicate covid but merely lessen the symptoms of the common cold.

Another case of the cure being more harmful than the disease?

Fuck the Fraud – the Music Video. David Icke.

The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine… New World Next Week.

Klaus Dona: The Hidden History of the Human Race.