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Quo Vadis, Lebanon. Andre Vltchek 21st Century Wire.

Listeners to Sunday Wire will be familiar with Andre’s incisive reporting from South America.

This article on Lebanon is tinged with enormous sadness at the huge disparity between the rich and the poor, especially the refugees from Syria and Palestine who are totally hidden.

Watch this space and see if it is a true uprising or the west manipulating it into the orbit of Israel and Saudi Arabia through the usual suspects.

Highly recommended.


UK supermarkets ‘not transparent enough’ on pesticide use. David Icke.

A useful start for consumers to demand far more information and action.

The best strategy is to buy organic but that isn’t always possible so more action is needed.

Too often supermarkets offer organic but then these disappear from the shelves as times get harder.

Instead, organic should be cheaper and more readily available.

Do your bit for the environment and your family!

Attacking the Source: The Establishment Loyalists Favorite Online Tactic. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.

Very useful.

Except if they cannot win the debate then they will ban it…

Why The Trump Regime Toppled Bolivia’s Evo Morales. David Icke.

The figures speak for themselves – 56% reduction in infant mortality and free universal healthcare.

Can’t have that.

So in go the heavies.

But the people are not yet defeated.

Arrogance and violence will not win the people round.

Freedom is worth fighting for.

Good luck to all in Bolivia.

Kudos, Morales.

The Mark Steyn Show Climate Change Forum.

Justice blind or blinded by titles? A tale of Prince Andrew and Julian Assange. George Galloway. RT.


The tale of two cities, a truth teller and a liar could not have been more succinctly expressed.

And we live in a democracy where everyone is treated fairly under the law?


It is the queen’s justice, courts, parliament and opposition in every way.

Time for change.

Time for justice for Assange.

Gilad Atzmon on how Polish suffering in World War Two was systematically concealed. David Icke.

A very helpful article.

Gilad has extremely important insights and this article shows how the airbrushing of Polish bravery in the war has been carried out.

If you helped Jews in Poland both you and your entire family were executed.

Yet 50,000 Poles did this.

But it did not happen according to official narrative.

Where Did the Missing Trillions Go? – Catherine Austin Fitts on The Corbett Report.

Former Saudi Princess EXPOSES Royal family for slavery, trafficking and pedophilia.

US/Israeli Relations: A War of Terror Alliance. David Icke.

Really important to put the facts right.

If only Americans realized the truth and how much money is pouring into Israel to terrorise the Palestinians.

I wonder if that money could be used for anything useful in the US?

Like health, housing, infrastructure schools etc.


Just wondering…