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Doctors 4 Covid Ethics: Rebuttal Letter to European Medicines Agency From Doctors For Covid Ethics – April 1st 2021.

A really clear and scientific rebuttal to the claims that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are safe and do not cause undue injuries.

The evidence in this letter shows that this is not true and that the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

This letter is nearly 2 months old now and the injuries and deaths have soared astronomically but the regulatory agencies are managing to avert their eyes to the death and suffering these experimental medical interventions are causing.

Oh, but the money is piling high…

We Can Defeat the Corporate Media War to Snuff Out Independent Journalism – Video. Jonathan Cook.

Excellent talk by Jonathan based in Nazareth on his journey from The Guardian to an independent investigative journalist with his own readership despite the machinations of the msm and governments to crush independent journalists.

It is a war with Assange still in prison without charge in Belmarsh and many others killed by the Israeli forces and Craig Murray hounded for exposing some of the chicanery in Scotland.

The struggle itself is a victory.

Highly recommended.

UK Column News 31st May 2021

Excellent footage and coverage of huge London protest ignored by the BBC and most of the msm.

Those that do cover it, strangely have the same negative coverage and put the number of protestors as ‘hundreds’ when pictures show clearly thousands.

Excellent clip at the end when the police are stopping protestors going into Westfield posh (coutts bank and marble loos) shopping centre and have drawn their batons, a member of the public instructs them to put away their batons and they comply.


Contrast with Melbourne, Australia with not enough protestors the police swoop when many depart and assault and arrest citizens who have done nothing wrong.

It is the police who act illegally.

When the numbers are huge the police have no alternative but to behave lawfully.

Interview 1642 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato. Excellent!!

Live: Covid sceptics stage ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally in London. BRILLIANT!!!! Kudos to all who made it!!!

Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann joins Tucker Carlson to discuss leaked ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ documents.

RFK,Jr. Interviews Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘Deliberate Coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship + More.

UK Doctors Send Open Letter to MHRA Highlighting Grave Concerns on Proposal to Give Children the Covid-19 Vaccine.

This is the open letter from the clinicians and academics from HART who have all done independent research into how the data has been manipulated and how propaganda has blown the risks of the ‘virus’ out of all proportion.

Especially in the proposal to give untested, experimental, gene therapies to children who have a 99.97% recovery rate from the ‘virus’.

While the numbers of adverse reactions to the vaccine and the deaths are skyrocketing in the few months the ‘vaccines’ have been administered.

A useful fund of information to help pen a strong letter to your MP and other elected officials – this has to be halted.


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Founded in early 2021 this is a movement of people dedicated to family values and an alternative education suited to the child.