Monthly Archives: December 2018

How the City of London has made Britain and the world worse off. David Icke.


Do buy the book if you can.

London councils to work together to cut homelessness across capital, communities secretary says. David Icke.

A start.

However, the roots and causes of homelessness. caused by government cuts and austerity are still not being looked at or reversed.

Much, much more to do.

EXCLUSIVE: 4 Year Old Killed by Israel | Interview With Family. 21st Century Wire.

Strangely, no western journalist bothered to interview the family of the 4 year old killed by an IDF sniper.


Why are the Israelis allowed to kill innocent children for no reason?

Put the foot on the other shoe, as the young journalist suggests, and listen to the howls around the world about ‘terrorists’.

But a Palestinian child is killed, as 50 others have been since March and thousands injured, the silence from the west is deafening.

Sunday Wire: Episode #262 – ‘Looking back, Looking Ahead’ with guest Vanessa Beeley, Basil Valentine.

A very interesting summary of the latest developments in Syria and how the determination of the Syrian people with the diplomacy of the Russians is gradually reclaiming the whole country back.


Also, a run down of the greats who have left us in 2018.

Tapping Into a ‘Rumi State of Mind’. Soren Dreier. David Icke.

Unconditional love that will blow your socks off.

The Deaths of the Two Immigrant Children Could Have Been Vaccine-induced. Global Research.

A possibility not acknowledged by the msm.

Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project. Peter A. Kirby. Activist Post.

Exposing a great deal of new information and making important links.

Watch this space!

To The Also Curious – Alice Walker on the David Icke ‘controversy’. David Icke.

Courageous and brilliant woman.


Elections Don’t Make Israel a Democracy. Common Dreams.

Excellent analysis of who can vote and how the election is not focusing on the most important issue – the right of Palestinians to have their own state, freedom and control of their own borders and resources.

The world needs to be questioning why 60% of Palestinians have no vote in these elections which affect their lives and freedoms so much.

Bergen County Ended Chronic Homelessness, So Can Every Other Community. Common Dreams.


Focus on getting people into housing easily and then provide the support.

The job of government and social services is not to make it impossible by putting up barriers which is so often the case.

Some useful ideas here for your community.

How can they be implemented?

This is everyone’s concern.