Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tesla’s New Gigafactory is entirely “Off Grid” and powered by 100% renewable energy. Natural Blaze.


The decision was taken to not have any natural gas or anything else built there in the way of fossil fuel facilities so they had to come up with entirely new ways of solving the energy problems.

And they did!

‘The Fight is still on’: Hundreds Protest the Sex Slave accord in South Korea. Common Dreams.

Very sad that this happened and they didn’t have any negotiation with those affected.

That these things ‘happen’ in wars, after wars and before wars is appalling.

So, stop the wars.

Really, too difficult for humanity?


2015 Compendium. Sunday Wire.

Fascinating analysis of the whole year with some excellent investigative journalism.

Highly recommended.

Immoral Patsy: How the FBI Entrapped a Mentally Challenged teen with an IQ of 51 into becoming a Suspected Terrorist. Free Thought Project.

What a complete tragedy.

What a nightmare for the young man and especially his father.

Israeli Court sentences Ehud Olmert to Prison. Press TV.

A start.

Syria: It’s Not a Civil War and it Never Was. New Eastern Outlook.

Very clear going back to the origins in the Cold War.

Important background reading to understanding the situation purposely confused.

Highly recommended.

Drowning in Money: the crazy public spending that makes Flooding inevitable. Guardian.

Very well analysed.

Money going to landowners and encouraging flooding because the rivers have to get rid of  the water. Quickly.


The well-documented evidence and practice to alleviate flooding is there and being ignored while what good practice does remain is being dismantled and actively discouraged.


But Mobiot has the right understanding – feudalism is all.

Benefit Cuts: George Osborne Urged to make u-turn over Universal Credit. Independent.

An all-out assault on poverty or an all-out assault on the poor?

7 Examples of Demonizing Dissent and Public Opinion. Activist Post.

Useful reminders as we move into the new year.

Government Accused of Launching Attack on Local Democracy with new Council Investment Rule. Independent.

Another sad day for local democracy.

Worth fighting and taking up with your MP though.