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Common Law Courts – John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under Common Law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state. VITAL INFORMATION!!!

We are not corporations and therefore corporate law does not apply to us.

We do not comply.

We do not stand under corporate, fascist, private police.

Vital information for businesses to survive.

Please share!

The human uprising with covid fascism protests from around the world – come on people – time to go again in massively greater numbers!!

Note the police brutality – how will their children and grandchildren survive under the fascism they are ushering in?

Choose your side!!

Researcher Ian Crane Has Died. RIP.

Very sad news.

Ian did incredible work on protesting fracking and had huge success.

He then did a tour of Britain raising awareness on the dangers of 5G.

Kudos, Ian.

A well-earned rest.

Police Have been ‘Reframed’ into a State of Robotic Insanity – David Icke – Dot-Connector Videocast. Very important information!

David traces the roots of the reframing of the police from the beginning of Common Purpose. Plus hiring psychopaths.

From policing by consent to flooring and punching we have become the enemy.

How the police do not realize their children and grandchildren will have to live under the fascism they are ushering in with their brutality.

Not all, of course.

Also the links with falling sperm counts, transhumanism and ‘vaccines’.

Not to be missed!

Is Covid-19 A Hoax? Iain Davis. UK Column.

Very helpful article.

How and why the Sars Cov2 Virus has never been isolated.

How cases are misleading and used to justify lockdowns.

How the PCR test itself is based on unscientific assumption and data.

The terrain theory vs germ theory and why labeling people covid ‘deniers’ is unhelpful and why the trillions being made on the back of this ‘pandemic’ is a political decision and censoring all discussion is propaganda.

Highly recommended.

Please share.

UK Column News – 26th February 2021

International Alert Message About COVID-19. United Health Professionals. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Here is is all laid out, all the evidence that thee never was a ‘pandemic’ but a severe seasonal flu.

All these eminent medical professionals submit reams of documented evidence.

All you need to forward to your MP and educate them – the floodwaters cannot be held back much longer.

And all those responsible will be held accountable.

Sadly, there will be many who have died and for whom it is too late.

Compensation must go to their families.

Schwab Family Values. Johnny Vedmore. Unlimited Hangout.

A very thorough investigation into the family and business history of the founder of The World Economic Forum and force behind The Great Reset.

What Johnny finds is not pretty.

Collaboration with 2 of the most aggressive, racist and fascist, modern regimes ever – coincidence or just bad judgement?

Decide for yourself.

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI) Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

Really important information to send to your MP and other officials.

The virus has never been isolated, purified and shown to exist.

A giant hoax and time it was halted.

Canadian refuses test and quarantine re-entering Canada – cites charter rights. Brilliant!!