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Flash Mob – dancing and singing in the supermarket aisles!!

Better than fighting and brawling on black friday!


Butterfly Childrens’ Hospices in China.

Please watch this short video that explains the work that the Butterfly Hospices do in 2 cities in China.

They are having an Indiegogo fund-raise at the moment so please support if you can.



The Bhopal Tragedy.

Thirty years ago in India there was a massive cyanide leak.  The government claims 5,000 people died but this is disputed by activists who claim 25,000 at least died.   Whoever you believe it was still a huge number.

The ongoing tragedy is that there has been no proper clean-up and children play over buried waste and toxic water is leaking into the aquifers.  Tests have shown it corresponds to the chemicals from the factory.

The evidence is there but who will sort it out?  Children are being born now with multiple birth defects and there is very little in the way of treatment.  Union Carbide owned the factory when the accident happened and they were sued by the Indian Government. But the paltry amount of $400m soon disappeared and the clean-up was never carried out.

So for 30 years this obnoxious, poisonous site has been festering.  The UN has waded in but don’t hold your breath.  It is totally wrong that the children of Bhopal are paying the price of this appalling tragedy.

’67 jobs’ – Guess what? I got one of the 67 jobs I applied for!

Only by coming together and supporting each other will we rid ourselves of this utter cruelty contempt and stupidity.
It is the caring and the empathy which will win out!

67 job applications in a fortnight and sanctioned

Here is a sentence which I think proves the current approach of the sanction-happy DWP is deeply flawed and should be abandoned forthwith. In my opinion 17 words which is deeply damning.

I have got one of the 67 jobs I applied for in the fortnight I was sanctioned

got the job

So apparently I was sanctioned for having an insufficiently wide job search, despite applying for two entry level positions at a supermarket because I was ordered to by jackboot DWP bullies. Their intransigence and lack of humanity beggars belief.

I am still waiting to hear from the independent adjudicator looking into the reasons for the sanction, and have heard nothing from my official complaint to the DWP demanding two Brighton Jobcentre staff are sacked for discrimination.

No matter what the result – the simple sentence in bold above speaks volumes about the retarded nature of the present government and why they…

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Its Christmas sanction time. A gift from the government that just keeps taking.

Shocking, shocking, shocking.
Cannot be right!

The poor side of life

Yes its that time of year. The run up to Christmas. The time of year where Jobcentre staff are told to reach their quota of sanctions before the Christmas holidays. You see they cant sanction for those few days. But the person either on JSA or Universal Credit must constantly search for jobs. Even on Christmas day. Even on Boxing day. Even when you have the audacity to be ill.  Today a man found out that he had been sanctioned because he was ill in bed with a severe chest infection. He wasn’t shirking. He wasnt pretending. He was ill. The doctor had given him a sick-note. But this isn’t good enough. Even though this cruel government say that when you are unemployed you are allowed to be ill twice in a year. Yes twice. We feel blessed that they allow us this grace…. only we do not feel blessed…

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Hypersexualisation of Young Children

Please watch all the way through – distressing as it may be and share – particularly with those who can make a difference!

Jobcentre Busy-Bodies To Outrank Healthcare Professionals In Treatment For Addictions

Please read carefully. The comments are very pertinent.

the void

Iain_Duncan_Smith_pissedJobcentre busy-bodies could soon have the power to force people in treatment for drug or alcohol problems to take up full time ‘work related activity’ if they are unable to beat their addictions quickly enough.

The DWP has published guidance on the support (stop laughing) that will be offered to people claiming Universal Credit who have a dependency on drugs or alcohol.  Claimants will be given six months to undergo what the Jobcentre calls ‘structured treatment’ during which period they may not be required to look or prepare for work.  After this has elapsed however it will be a very diferent story.

The guidance warns that any further treatment will only be taken into account in a Claimant Comitment if Jobcentre advisors agree this if the best way for a claimant to achieve their ’employment goals’.  This truly chilling move means that the newly named ‘work coaches’ will be able…

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Anti Austerity: Time for the Job Creators Allowance

What is a more delicious idea than taking money from bloated, arrogant money manipulators and giving it to the very people they wouldn’t give house room?

Westminster Confidential

Muhammad_Yunus_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2012 (1)This month a radical thinker passed through Westminster and presented an idea that politicians tackling Britain’s economic crisis should sit up and take notice.

Nobel Peace prizewinner Muhammad Yunus was addressing a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference on growth and development en route from Bangla Desh to Mexico City. The conference attracted people from as far apart as Somalia and Paraguay and Haiti and Timor-Leste.

Yunus is the man who created an anti-bank bank called the Grameen Bank in Bangla Desh which broke every rule of traditional banking. As he put it : ” I went and talked to the banks and did precisely the opposite of everything they told me.”

His bank was only interested in lending money to the poorest in Bangla Desh – those with nothing so they could start tiny micro businesses. His ideas have now been taken up in developed economies notable the United States in…

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Libya Then and Now – excellent article by Global Research

Very thorough historical review with some interesting revelations about the shenanigans of Goldman Sachs ‘losing’ 98% of a huge Libyan investment.

Does not include Hillary Clinton’s infamous quote,”We came, we saw and we killed” but it just about sums up the whole of the sordid saga.

Banking and Greed, According to Science.