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What’s the True Cost of Fracking? This Infrographic May Surprise you. Alternet.


Hammering for Peace. Common Dreams.

I hope Jessica is acquitted.

I fear however, in this up-side-down world that she may be inside for a long, long spell.

Good, thought-provoking article.

Meanwhile the shattering of lives and the world continues.

Richie Allen Show on Maggie Tuttle, “Tony Blair has links to an insurance company involved in missing children”.

This needs investigation.

Really serious stuff with 10,000 children going missing from the adoption and fostering system.


Cameron’s latest attempt to convince us he’s a ‘man of the people’ spectacularly backfires. The Canary.

Dodgy second-hand car salesman?


Cameron’s latest attempt to convince us he’s a ‘man of the people’ backfires spectacularly

Parallels Between Israel and 1930’s Germany. AntiWar.

Very worrying but insightful article by someone who witnessed it all before.

Deja vu.


Parallels Between Israel and 1930s Germany

Putin is Taking a Bold Step Against Biotech Giant Monsanto. Defend Democracy.

I hope they’re watching their backs….

Torture Victims of Kenyan Mau Mau Uprising take Abuse Claims to High Court. RT UK

Well, if there are any left by the time they get around to hear the claims…..