Monthly Archives: April 2021

Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain. Ice Age Farmer.

Tucker: Biden admin using force of law to crush political dissent

Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco

Coming to a city or town near you – if you let it.

Leigh Dundas speech – (Health and Freedom 2021) WOW!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!

One woman cannot change the world?!!!


Bernier, Hillier ticketed during tense rally in Peterborough, Ontario.

The Pandemic on Television. Jon Rappoport.

How the lies are delivered every night without any research or digging into the issues.

How money is raised through the commercials and the prevailing narrative reinforced.

Masterly writing by Jon.

VIDEO: What is it in the masks and on the testing swabs? Big pharma’s war on humanity.

So many questions but few answers.

Not just rape but canabilism resulting from the human aborted foetal cells in the ‘vaccines’.

Sabbatean Frankist satanism…

News Update – The World is Burning!

Film: Visionary Transformed 5,500 Barren Acres With Grass. Natural Blaze.

How 11 springs, ponds and lakes were created just by planting grass and trees in Texas.


Final, Irrefutable Proof That the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed. Dr Vernon Coleman.

Using the UK government’s own statistics Vernon shows that the pandemic was purely a normal flu season, with inflated numbers in a never-ending deathometer, high spin and propaganda running 24/7 instilling fear in a scared population.

Kudos, Vernon.

Please share far and wide – the end of this hoax is near!


Freedom for all coming soon.