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Update: Help Get My Son Eddie Out of Hospital. Happy New Year! A 2017 Filled With Hope.

I do hope so.

And all the other families torn apart and struggling with travel costs, pain and trauma.

Here’s to a year full of miracles and healing.

If You Were Chief of CIA Consciousness Ops. Jon Rappoport. Waking Times.

Thought provoking.

Young people who do not see beyond the screen and only accept what science has ‘proved’…

Good article from a masterful writer and thinker.

Year in Review: 2016 Top Ten Conspiracies. 21st Century Wire.

Really excellent and thorough journalism throughout the year reflected in this concise article.

Highly recommended.

David Icke Talks about the Anti Russian Agenda outside a NATO base in Estonia. YouTube.

‘It’s Hard to Show the World I Exist’: Chelsea Manning’s Final Plea to be Seen. Broadly.

Very, very tragic the way she has been treated.

I hope she is soon released for time served and can rebuild her life.

Please share and support.

Amazon Workers now living in ‘tent ghettos’ outside the warehouse. Natural News.


We now follow the lead of the US and soon will have tent cities as they do.

Don’t use Amazon!

Give the support and business to your local bookstore.

They need it more than these heartless behemoths.

Statement of Jews United Against Zionism in Reaction to U.N. Security Council Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements. Neturei Karta International.


Netanyahu gives the impression he speaks for all Jews throughout the world….

Tools for Building Community #Freedom Cells. YouTube.

Gilad Atzmon – Identity Politics Tension with Patriotism. Part 1. YouTube.

Palestine Documentary Stirs Controversy in Germany.(Video – My Land is Burning – Official Trailer.) Electronic Intifada.