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Manchester Council take Homeless to court to clear city centre. Independent.

Here we go again.

Short-sighted politicians who cannot add up – unless they’re Serco perhaps??

It costs £65,000 to incarcerate someone and another £40,000 for each subsequent year.

We couldn’t perhaps build a decent amount of affordable housing for that amount?

Oh, no we just sold off all the affordable housing.

Utah found it worked.

Get the homeless off the streets and then sort out the underlying issues.

No brainer really.


More evidence we need to get involved more and more at the local level.

B heard media 2


On Sunday 28th June Love Kitchen Hastings, a group of Hastings residents, inspired by Love Activists London, to feed and clothe Homeless people, were told that their regular weekly stall in Hastings town centre must stop!

Chris Oliver, founding member of Love Kitchen has been in conversation with Hastings Council over the last few week. Chris said; ” At first they wanted to move us down into an alleyway where we “would not be seen” . I negotiated with them to use the upper circle outside Poundstretcher. Today they turned up and told us that if we continued we could face prosecution as we did not have a Street Trading Licence. They then said we would not receive one anyway. They said that we were also breaking food safety laws but have not explained exactly what is required. If we get shutdown then I fear that many regulars will not eat…

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Carpet Bombing History. Counterpunch.

Not for the faint-hearted.

Questions we should be asking – except that the media glosses over all of this.

Think California’s Drought is bad? Try Palestine’s. Common Dreams.

Control the water and you control the population. And the food.

Newcastle -on-Tyne ‘forced’ to raid welfare funding. BBC

Here we go.

All the austerity and cut backs with huge cuts on local council funding resulting in more cuts for the poor and disabled.

While need soars.

Wake up britain.

Doctor: Childhood trauma can destroy your health decades later yet America ignores it. Alternet.

And so does the UK.

This is so important in the debate about cuts in the UK budget.

Poverty has a very severe and lasting impact on the health of children.

‘It turns out this is exactly where the science comes in. We now understand better than we ever have before how exposure to early adversity affects the developing brains and bodies of children. It affects areas like the nucleus accumbens, the pleasure and reward center of the brain that is implicated in substance dependence. It inhibits the prefrontal cortex, which is necessary for impulse control and executive function, a critical area for learning. And on MRI scans, we see measurable differences in the amygdala, the brain’s fear response center. So there are real neurologic reasons why folks exposed to high doses of adversity are more likely to engage in high-risk behavior, and that’s important to know.’

We need to urgently educate our politicians making these detrimental decisions.

Watch this video – a white woman and a black man switch mikes and it’s astounding! Alternet.

Just brilliant.

California passes mandatory vaccine law. Experimental Vaccines. YouTube.

The first of the draconian measures.  There is some hope as an appeal has been posted.

About 200 others are prepared to be introduced – vaccines in the pipeline.


We are all Palestinians now.



This week the US Congress gave a big boost to the International anti BDS Campaign.

On Wednesday, Congress passed another piece of anti-boycott legislation, potentially even more important in its impact, as part of a trade deal with the European Union’s Trade Promotion Authority. 

Essentially, the amendment states that if EU countries want free trade with the US, they can’t engage in politically motivated boycotts against Israel, including areas that came under Israel’s control in the Six Day War.

Needles to say, zion reacted favourably to this move as is reflected in their ‘battle’ as it moves from headlines in their press to the Editorial Pages. Below is how the English language mouthpiece of the Israeli Government, The Jerusalem Post views the situation in today’s Editorial.

BDS battle

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Britain’s Public Parks threatened with privatisation as cuts stretch council budgets. Independent.

Here we go – first schools and hospitals, then seizing housing association properties and now handing the parks to developers.

Watch this space unless we get organised and stop them.

Stand for the local council, go to the meetings and lobby.

The Victorians were instrumental in setting up many parks, museums and libraries as well as swimming pools etc.

This lot are just closing them down or handing them to their buddies.

Mum, what’s a park, library, museum, hospital etc???