Monthly Archives: April 2018

Abby Martin & Joe Rogan on Israel’s Massacre at Gaza Border. YouTube.

Ethiopia demands UK return plundered treasure taken 150 years ago. David Icke.

Sunday Screening: The Two Koreas – ‘The Imposed Divide’. (2018). 21st Century Wire.

Very few people will know the true history of Korea.

Sunday Wire: Episode #231 -‘Exposing the Government – Media Complex’ with guests Ian Shilling, Vanessa Beeley. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent guest contributions.

Scientists Raided After Discovering Dangerous Nanoparticle Contaminants in Common Vaccines. Waking Times.


I wonder why?

Watch your back, front and sides if you are a scientist disturbing the money machine and dumbing down poisoning agenda…..

The 9 Types of Intelligence Which Make Us All Human. Waking Times.

An older article which bears reposting.

Get along to your school board meetings and ask how the opportunities for developing all these types of intelligence can be created.

A new look at education is fundamental to happy, rounded and fulfilled humans.

Ask the questions and be the change!

Alfie Evans: Parents Confirm Toddler at Centre of Court Battle Treatment has Died. David Icke.

Rest in Peace Alfie.

Appalling the parents were denied permission to take him abroad for treatment.

Shocking ‘our freedoms’ do not extend to our children…

21st century Britain.

A disgrace.

Meet The Special Interests Keeping Marijuana Criminalized. Natural Blaze.

Follow the Big money…

UK is Cutting Down Huge Swathes of American Forest to Fight Climate Change. David Icke.

Original, slow growth forest to make into pellets and ship to the UK?

Follow the money!

A scam.  Surprise.

Britain’s secret ‘torture camp’ and the stench of a cover-up: How the brave men who protested about prisoners being abused at a UK base in Cyprus were shunned…until now. Daily Mail.

Brave men to insist on the truth being told even after all this time.

The ‘moral’ west at work again…