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Lord Jamar: I Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, It’s Not Our Movement – speaking in 2016.

David Icke Talks to This Strange Life Podcast – Bangkok – Full Interview.

The privilege they erased from history. (AKA White Slavery!) MUST WATCH!!!!

Dr Scott Atlas demolishes calls for more lockdowns and school closures.

“We are Trained to Misinform” – Ex-Big Pharma Sales Rep Speaks Out. David Icke.

Kudos for doing so and writing a book.

A close family tragedy opened this woman’s eyes and forced her to see the horror and tragedy caused by drugs and the side effects.

One of millions…

Majority of People are Already Resistant to SARS CoV-2. Dr. Mercola.

The numbers are huge – 81%.

Yet expensive, useless testing is being rolled out and an untested, dangerous vaccine being rolled out for a population that is mainly resistant.


Follow the money, power and control.


Do your bit to educate and speak up.

Tracking Vaccination Status by Phone is Now Active. Dr. Mercola.

This is Google and Apple.  Pity people have no idea what they are signed up to.

Pity residents in Virginia who have handed over legislative rights to unelected officials.

If you live there you have a job to do to get this walked back.

Proof of vaccination before you enter government buildings and then supermarkets???

Where does this end?

You can’t earn a living without this crap?

Some good comments.

False Reporting: They Lie, and Lie and Lie Some More.

Holiday in the “New Normal.” No Thanks.

Lies or Coincidence: Part 1. MUST WATCH!!!