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A Syrian Christian Reveals What is Really Happening in Syria. James Perloff.


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A Syrian Christian Reveals What is Really Happening in Syria

The Hare, the Moon Egg & the Goddess of Easter. Neil Hague.

You will need to settle with a large cup of tea for this saga, as Neil suggests.

We need to understand the origins of the claptrap that is pedaled as religion….

Revealed: £30 million taxpayer ‘ring of steel’ will protect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding with barriers, vehicle checks, snipers and airport-style scanners for guests. David Icke.

Now that money could build an awful lot of homes….

Photo and Video Diary from Eastern Ghouta – by, Vanessa Beeley. 21st Century Wire.

Amazing photos.

How the Israel lobby fakes anti-semitism. David Icke.

Every Labour supporter needs to watch this!

Syrian Army finds Israeli-made munitions inside militant tunnel in Eastern Ghouta. David Icke.

Max Igan. Ancient Mysteries, The Control Grid, Social Credits, & Finding Freedom. YouTube.

Exclusive to Street artist Mear One responds to ‘anti-semitic’ painting hysteria. David Icke.

Why Are Food, Water and Air – Life’s Essentials – Deliberately Poisoned? Part 1: Food. Natural Blaze.

Excellent overview.

UK Column News 28th March 2018. The Fusion Doctrine.

Vital information.