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Guide to paying a small fine and making billions


Jon Rappoport's Blog

Guide to paying a small fine and making billions

by Jon Rappoport

July 30, 2017

The key factor is: be a drug company.

In this case, Celgene. Their drugs are Thalomid and Revlimid. They are approved for multiple myeloma, one type of cancer.

Here’s the thing. Doctors can decide to prescribe drugs for uses which are not approved by the FDA, but the manufacturers can’t promote those “off-label” uses to doctors. That’s illegal.

A long-running suit against Celgene, launched by Beverly Brown, who used to be the company’s sales manager, contends that:

Celgene trained its sales team to promote off-label uses to doctors;

Celgene sales people intentionally lied about studies, claiming the studies showed the off-label uses were beneficial to patients;

And the company omitted vital warnings about the drugs’ uses from the drugs’ labels.

Back in 2014, the judge in the case, George King, slammed Celgene for trying to…

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The powerful individual

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The powerful individual

By Jon Rappoport

Let’s play a game. Relax, it’ll be fun.

Everyone says, “There’s a great new movie you have to see. It’s fantastic.”

So you’re walking down the street to the theater.

Suddenly a man appears and hands you a sheet of paper.

At the top of the sheet, in large bold letters: DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE.


You burst out laughing as you walk on. Philosophy? Is he kidding?

But you read the weird text:

“There are tech people who believe machines have consciousness. They’re wrong.”

“Physicists, when faced with trying to explain human consciousness, assume it is a function of the brain.”

“At the same time, they insist the atomic and sub-atomic particles that compose the brain have no consciousness and no free will.”

“The physicists are mired in a gross contradiction, which they avoid trying to…

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The Day Landscape Photography Changed For Me: Part II

Eric has captured the movement and moods of this glorious landscape spectacularly.

Dirt Don’t Hurt. Dr. Mercola.

Excellent advice.

Exotic Superfood Swap. Dr. Mercola.

Great article.

Blackberries are here and other local fruits and nuts and seeds to make the most of!

Good hunting!

Successful Vitamin D Project Aims to Change Standard of Care For Pregnant Women Across US. Dr. Mercola.

Excellent article about a very ambitious and profound initiative which will have enormous effects on the next generation.

Please support if you can as Dr Mercola is matching donations up to $25,000.  This is very generous of him.

Also, Vitamin D deficiency affects many others of all ages.

Highly recommended.

Sunday Wire Episode #196 – States of Nature with Guests Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley, Basil Valentine. 21st Century Wire.