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Skripal Salisbury Chemical Weapons Attack 2018.

Assange: So Where is the Swedish Warrant?

What a good question.

And where are all the feminists loudly proclaiming the woman must be believed?

Giving a blank slate to the security services and governments who will abuse it for their own agenda, of course.

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion.

“I Was Ready To Prostitute Myself!” – Joe Biden. Jimmy Dore.

Joe Biden Champion of Privilege Over Populism. David Icke.

The unvarnished truth.

Well said.

Love of Life Vs Crown Darkness. Dean Henderson. David Icke.

A moving tribute to Dean’s friend Wayne who stood for all that was good.

Rest in Peace, Wayne.


Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange.

Why Australians Should Fight To Bring Assange Home. David Icke.

Really good news that the Australians are getting fired up to bring Assange home.

About time too.

If China had held him for this long and mistreated him there would have been a huge outcry.

But because it’s the Brits on behalf of their buddies the Yanks then it’s ok.

No it isn’t.

Please support the crowdfunding for 1,000 large posters to go up in cities for the coming elections.

Please do what you can.

Thank you.

The Climate Change Hoax. David Icke Videocast Dot-Connector.

How this whole climate change business is being manipulated by the banks and corporations to make billions while centralizing control into a tyranical one-world government.

And who will pay for it as well as paying the price in loss of freedom?

You and me…

A Step Closer to A Post Democratic Society. David Icke Videocast Dot- connector.

Excellent video.

How disillusonment with politicians is leading people to accept the concept of a strong leader ready to break the rules.

Like the unelected dark suits in Brussels…