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“He Has Sold Us Out!” – Mobs of Farmers Swarm New Delhi Protesting Modi’s New Ag Reforms. Natural Blaze.


Thousands of farmers who have suffered so badly under the monsanto chokehold are now making their feelings very plain as the Great Reset is aimed at clearing them off the land so the big corporations seize the land to feed them shite.

Good for them in their protests!!! They don’t look like a mob to me but very well organized!


Homeless: What We Can Learn About Survival From Life on the Streets. Natural Blaze.

Written from the perspective of this can happen to anyone one and as a brief survival guide.

Sadly, there are going to be many more homeless as the economy dives in response to the criminal handling of the economy by western governments.

Merck First US Pharma Giant to Abandon Covid Vaccine Efforts. Natural Blaze.

Well, some good news.

These were more traditional vaccines and were disappointing in their results so they have abandoned them.

Exactly, coronavirus vaccines have never succeeded.

Now we need the other experimental ones pulled!!!

The Fog of Covid War – Locking Down the Healthy. Dr. Mercola.

The war is psychological as the narrative changes from month to month with manipulated figures, ramping up the fear and the endless propaganda.

A good analysis of all the main narratives and players so you arn’t drawn into the ‘vaccine’ lies.

Experts Sound Alarm: We Must Protect Our Food Supply. Ice Age Farmer.

We have to build our own supplies in our own growing communities as the supply chains around the world continue to fail.

Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Global Research.

Excellent letter from Robert to 100,000 colleagues on the importance of protecting the rights and freedoms, particularly of children in this move towards mandatory ‘vaccines’.

So many children have health issues, many very serious from the 70, yes, 70 mandatory childhood vaccines that the new mRNA gene therapies as a final straw will be absolutely lethal.

BERENIS – Is there evidence for oxidative stress caused by electromagnetic fields?

The Globalists Prepare War on “Domestic Terrorism” – #NewWorldNextWeek. The Corbett Report.

How Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy Millions of Lives. Dr. Mercola.

This is an emergency.

Thousands and probably millions will be either killed by this experimental gene therapy or permanently disabled.

As Dr. Mercola says, in this emergency we need a molecular biologist to explain the complexities and strategies to understand what is involved and how to avoid the problems if you inadvertently succumbed to the shot and Dr. Judy Mikovits is on hand to do just that in a fantastic talk.

The best way to avoid all this tragedy – don’t get shot!!!


Please share far and wide so we can educate as many people as possible to avoid all this tragedy and trauma.

Highly recommended.

Biden Attacks Farms – Comprehensive War on Global Food Supply – Engineered Famine. Ice Age Farmer.

Farmers are being paid not to produce food – much as the new legislation in the UK is about ‘rewilding’ and not food growing.

Very concerning and a vital warning to grow all you can and encourage the local farmers to continue with your support.